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    I am currently receiving a $40 monthly credit for two lines that were added a few years ago under the promotion "2 lines on us" back in 2016 (i believe). My question is; if I switch to T-mo One, will I lose the 2 lines bill credits? I also got 2 devices for what I am receiving monthly credits for. Now, will I lose any of the bill credits that I am receiving if I switch to the newer T-Mobile One? Thanks in advance.

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      • magenta1782658

        Re: Friends and Family 2 lines on us promo

        a long as your upgrading your good.  if you downgrade or kill any lines from original plan then you'll loose promo.. but tmobiles always worked with me on keeping promotions alive when possible. definitely call or hit em pn twitter or online chat tho

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: Friends and Family 2 lines on us promo

          Hey, t-mobb!


          I'm glad you asked! It'd be a bummer to lose out on those monthly credits. What type of plan are you currently on and what type of data plan do you have attached to your plan? Lastly, do you know which promo you took part of for your device credits? I'll see if you're able to keep your promo credits if you switch.

            • t-mobb

              Re: Friends and Family 2 lines on us promo

              I am on the Simple Choice N. America with 10GB per month 4 lines for $120 each additional is $20. The phones I get credits for are: iPhone 7 free after bill credits with iPhone 6 or above trade in, and Samsung Galaxy S9+ free after bill credits and Samsung Galaxy S7 or above. Thanks for the interest, any form of help is greatly appreciated.

                • tmo_marissa

                  Re: Friends and Family 2 lines on us promo

                  Thanks for getting back to us! I took a look at the promotion details for the 2016 Friends & Family 2 Lines On Us offer, and it does look like the promotional lines would drop if you were to switch to T-Mobile ONE Taxes Included, which is the current T-Mobile ONE™ for Phones (Grandfathered) offer. It looks like we ran promotional pricing to mimic these benefits back when this plan launched, but I'm sorry to say that offer closed in April of 2017. At this point, you'd want to weigh the benefits of switching to ONE (and perhaps take a look at the current tax cost that would now be rolled in?) before making a plan change.
                  Regarding the device promotions, do you remember the general time frame where you applied for and started receiving those credits? We can take a look at those promo details to see if they would transfer with a rate plan change!

                  • tmo_amanda

                    Re: Friends and Family 2 lines on us promo

                    Hey, t-mobb! Just swinging by to see if you had a chance to look over Marissa's reply regarding the rate plan. As far as the device credits, if you have a general time frame of when you purchased them, we should be able to hunt down the promo details. One of the easiest ways to check when you purchased your phones would be to view your receipts on My T-Mobile or by following these steps in our app:


                    New T-Mobile app

                    1. Open the app and tap BILL.
                    2. Scroll to and tap the line that has the EIP.
                    3. Scroll to 'Equipment plan' and tap View details.


                    T-Mobile app

                    1. Open the app. If you don't have it, download it now.
                    2. Select Billing & Payments.
                    3. Select Pay or View Device Balance.
                    4. In Active Equipment Installment Plans (EIP), you can view your EIP balance.



                    Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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