S4 Model SGH-M919 Will not upgrade to Jelly Bean




    First, let me thank you for your time and consideration in helping me to resolve this issue.


    I have a Samsung S4 Model Number SGH-M919 and I have been unable to upgrade the Android Version beyond 444.


    So basically I am stuck at Version 444.


    However, I love this version of the phone, and I refuse to buy a new phone. It is in excellent condition, I have expanded the memory, and it runs fantastic.


    Importantly, some apps that I use have been updated, and they will only run on a minimum of Jelly Bean.


    Could someone please help me to resolve this issue. I have tried using Kies 3, but it tells me that I have the latest version installed.


    Again, thank you very much. I greatly appreciate your help in this matter.

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Software updates: Samsung Galaxy S4


        You're running the most recent OS released for the device.  There will be nothing newer for that device.


        Your device was released over five years ago.  Manufacturers generally do 1-1.5 years of OS version updates and another 1ish year of security updates.  You haven't received an update since you got 4.4.4, which means you may have security holes that you may or may not be concerned about.


        We're now on Android 8.1 / Oreo -- that's 6 full letters (releases) past KitKat that you're on.  I'm surprised app developers supported 4.4.4 for so long.


        Unfortunately, your best answer is to purchase a new device, or give up on apps that no longer support your version.