My account is being put to INACTIVE even though I paid my monthly fee


    I recently activated a number on tmobile and port in my number from other carriers. After I activated my service, I can use my phone number to call and sometimes text correctly, and then my account is suddenly put into "INACTIVE" state without any known reason, and my number stopped working completely (only text sometimes work, no phone and Internet). Right now I can only use text on my phone, and text/Internet is not working, and I paid $50 for the monthly service which I cannot use!


    This become kind of frustrating since I have been without my phone number for 4 days without any resolution. I contacted CS by phone, waited 30 mins to put on hold, transferred from/to multiple departments, and nobody seems to understand the issue and able to fix the problem. Each time is being put on hold for > 30 mins, and I at least contacted TM 8 times.


    Now, after all the frustration, I want to port out my number to other carriers so I can properly use my number, but since my account is "INACTIVE", t-mobile denied my port-out request. I thought FCC regulations require carrier to port out the number within 24 hours or so? I am kind of worried I will lost this number if my account is still "INACTIVE".


    Please help!


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