I Feel Lied to by T Mobile


    I feel I was lied to by T-Mobile and that they have no integrity in regards to Customer Service or doing right by customers. My experience started 3 years ago when I joined T-Mobile, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that came with a Gear VR and a one year Netflix subscription. Then in December about 9 months later I leased 2 LG stylo’s  for my 2 children, at this time they had come out with the Netflix on us with T-mobile One billing I asked the Representative in the store(I Believe his name was Andrew) if my account would qualify for this without having to change any of my billing he said and I Quote “sure no problem your account is good to go”…… and I had no issues with Netflix UNTIL recently…fast forward to May of 2018 and my Employer said we have a company discount through T-mobile just call them which I did and they verified that I was an employee and had an eligible account and I heard nothing until this past week on 6/4/2018 I received my monthly T-Moblie bill and it was $170.00 more than normal…I called and spoke to a billing specialist and was informed that when T-mobile verified my employment status that it had reset my billing cycle and due to a “GLITCH”  in their system it was a double equipment charge and a valid charge?!?!?  AFTER having to argue with them for 2 hours they supposedly “RESET” my billing cycle to what it was before employment verification &  credited off the extra equipment charge….then this past Saturday I was emailed by Netflix that my account needed updated payment information…..so again I spent an hour and a half on chat with a rep  at T-Mobile and explained what had happened from day one and was told that I was “MISINFORMED” a year and a half ago by the rep at the store and my free Netflix was only for a year (mind you I have had it for just about 3 years now) and the only way to continue with Netflix was to change to T-Mobile one and let them automatically take money from my account monthly (which would not change my monthly rate) or continue to pay monthly and my bill would increase by $25.00 a month….when I pointed out that it would be cheaper to pay my bill monthly and then pay Netflix the $12.00 monthly charge the rep became rude and said these were the only options T-mobile had and he was sorry that they would not work for my family but he would forward our conversation to his manager and ensure the rep at the store was talked to IF he was still employed with T-Mobile, so that it did not happen again….when I asked why I had not had an issue up until Saturday if it was only supposed to have been a year free and we were well into a year and a half beyond that he had no explanation and only restated that he gave me my options and they would not work with my family but he would forward it to his manager….AFTER this last week and the awful attitude and feeling that both of the representatives not wanting to help or do there jobs I will be looking into going elsewhere for my cell phone needs… I feel that these last few calls to the company has proven to me that T-mobile has no integrity and refuses to do right by their customers when an employee misinforms a customer or a computer makes their system “Glitch”….


    And if they reset my billing cycle to what it was BEFORE any of this happened why does my bill say due by 6/20/18 when it was ALWAYS due on the 25th of the month?