Simple Choice unlimited + 2 free line promo port out



    Until today I was on the Simple Choice two line unlimited family plan with the additional 2 free unlimited lines ( 4 lines total ) which ran a few years ago. I am aware that any changes to my existing lines would result in those two "free" lines changing to $40 each per line from their $0 plus taxes per month. However, today I ported one of my lines out and also plan on porting the second line out as I only use 2 lines anyways. Myself and the wife.


    Before porting out, I called 611 and requested that the two "free" lines be terminated, they informed me that it will be done in 26 days time due to my billing cycle. Of course I expect to be charged fully until my cycle ends, however my concern is that those two "free" lines will now change to $40 each plus fees for the remainder of the 26 days until my cycle ends. Thus resulting in me paying another $80 plus fees on top of my usual $100 plan.


    Do I have any options?

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