Change from "Pay as you go- Legacy" to other plans with data.


    I currently have "Pay as you go - Legacy" plan.  And I plan to use LTE data in coming August(for one month only).  I have read the comments from the forum and seems I have to switch to other prepaid plans in order to have the data usage.  And I understood that I will be losing the "legacy" plan.  Now my questions are:

    1)  If I decide to switch plan(either the current Pay as you go or Simply Prepaid), when will it be effective?  Assume I only need data usage from Aug 1 to 31, should I switch on Aug 1?  And how to switch it?

    2)  Will it be possible to switch from "Pay as you go - Legacy" --> "Simply Prepaid"(in August) then --> "Pay as you go($3)" plan after August?  Will my account balance be brought forward from plans to plans?

    3)  What are the data plans option for Pay as you go($3) plan and how can I apply for it?


    Thank you very much in advance!

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