Newest T-Mobile app upgrade doesn't show data usage in status bar?


    Why did they do away with this feature?  It was the only thing I used the app for.  Additionally, they broke fingerprint login.  Now it asks for my fingerprint AND password.  What's the deal with that??

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      • smplyunprdctble

        magenta5192737 wrote:


        Additionally, they broke fingerprint login. Now it asks for my fingerprint AND password. What's the deal with that??

        Maybe that's the new 2FA   In case someone steals your finger, you still have to give your password!


        As for your original feedback, T-Force should send this feedback off to the folks who develop the app.  There's probably a minor "undocumented feature" that's causing both of the problems you identified and they probably would be fixed in the next update?  Yo! T-Force folks!  Yell at those pesky developers


        I would try to suggest an app for this, but I'm guessing the "data usage" is probably the usage that counts and excludes things like Music Freedom and whatever the "SD Quality Netflix and Youtube" is called (sorry, brain not fully functioning. I'm dreading a 4pm announcement that I'm also looking forward to).