Locked out of account and support is unable to help?


    My personal phone died about 2 weeks ago - it won't even power up anymore. I've been using my business phone as a backup while I looked at new phone options. Tonight I decided to just buy a new phone, but could not log into my t-mobile account. I tried resetting my password but got a screen telling me I'd have to enter a verification code (via text) or answer my security questions. Knowing I couldn't receive the text, I tried my security questions, but having set them 8 years ago when I opened my account, I didn't have the answers.

    So... I called support... but support COULD NOT reset my password, send me a temporary password, reset my security questions, or send me the verification code that can be sent via text. Basically, the call was a waste of time.


    Has anyone else experienced this? I want to be able to access my account and being unable to without having to go to a store is frustrating. After 8 years as a T-mobile customer, issues like this are driving me toward dropping T-mobile as my carrier and going with another provider.

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