HotelStorm Beware Bait and Switch


    Beware of the HotelStorm Tuesday deal.  The merchant adds an undisclosed fee under the hotel taxes and they refuse to provide an itemized bill.

    Calls to HotelStorm have been useless.  They will not provide an itemized bill.  Asking for a supervisor useless they say none will be available for 3 hours.

    Call back in 3 hours and imagine that no supervisor.  T-Mobile should be more careful the partners that they advertise.  I have deleted the Tuesday app as trick me once my fault wont happen again.  T-Mobile customer service refused to help without writing a snail mail letter.   AMEX charge has been contested.

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      • dalemysze

        Re: HotelStorm Beware Bait and Switch

        The Amazon Gift Card is till not delivered.  Spent another hour on the phone with HotelStorm and they are having their "technical team" look into it.  It has now been over two weeks since my stay.  The offer said the gift card would be received within 7 days of the stay.  Beware

          • tmo_chris

            Re: HotelStorm Beware Bait and Switch

            I am so sorry you have yet to receive your gift card! We can definitely look into this. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, please use the links in my signature so that our T-Force team can collect some info from you and get an escalation started.

              • dalemysze

                Re: HotelStorm Beware Bait and Switch

                I finally got the Amazon give card after almost 10 hours on the phone over many days it still took multiple weeks.  I honeestly belive that had I not escalated this I would still be wating. 


                I still have not received an itemized hotel bill.  I did receive an email from a customer service executive that state the following:


                My name is Efrain and I'm the Senior Manager at Rocketmiles. I understand that you are looking for a breakdown of the taxes and fees. We unfortunately do not have that information as we are a travel agency and receive the taxes and fees from our partners. The taxes and fees, as mentioned, are an estimate that also covers city taxes, foreign exchange fluctuations, and the operational costs of our business.

                I make note of the undocumented "operational costs of our business".  This is how they inflate the taxes and fees.


                Buyer beware.

              • gramps28

                Re: HotelStorm Beware Bait and Switch

                I did a google search of HotelStorm and saw all the bad reviews so

                I decided not to redeem that TT offer.


                Re: HotelStorm Beware Bait and Switch

                and yet tmo is still shooting this offer out

                • satishny

                  Re: HotelStorm Beware Bait and Switch

                  Unfortunately T-Mobile does not operate within the basic norms of integrity and responsibility to their customers. They will do anything even if it is unscrupulous. I can guarantee you that no one who has been cheated by HotelStorm and other partners that T-Mobile promote will get any help from T-Mobile. Customers will have to fend for themselves with the help of their credit card companies. I recommend starting a class action suit against HotelStorm and make T-Mobile as a co-defendant for their role as a willing co-conspirator.

                  • rubywins

                    Re: HotelStorm Beware Bait and Switch

                    I wish I read this sooner. I am also a victim in this. I've been calling their phone number and they keep telling me - OH you'll receive it in a few weeks. NADA. I AM SO PISSED AT T-MOBILE. I also deleted their app.