When will the galaxy s7 get android 8.0 oreo update?


    Hi, i would like to know when will my galaxy s7 SM G930T get the android Oreo update? Its June now and i have been waiting for months. Is there an exact date? I heard Verizon got the update. Will we be next to get the update? Someone please respond. Thank you.

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      • tmo_chris

        Great question! The Oreo update is actually in testing currently for that phone.


        Samsung Galaxy S7: Update in Testing

          • sslman71

            You know what Chris. That page even for s7 edge has not changed for many months at all. So keep referencing that page, and it will just keep saying the same thing. I know you referenced s7 but s7 edge one is just the exact same. That is not really an answer at all. I have been patiently waiting forever. I even changed to the unlocked firmware to get rid of bloatware and have the toggle for data in the panel but since this Oreo thing has taken so darn long. I am about to just give up on Oreo altogether, and hope my brother does something to get me away from this. What I do not understand how this network is supposed to be one of the 4 major networks of USA but takes so long to actually push this update. My brother moved to Verizon, and even with this phone sim unlocked, will not even work on Verizon. I have to wait for either he does something to move me over to Verizon or stuck on forever waiting for Oreo, which I doubt will ever come. I might as well keep it on the unlocked firmware, since there is no actual Oreo firmware coming to the official T-Mobile one for the s7 edge. Oh and the way it looks as if T-mobile is going to be last one getting Oreo and by the time it actually gets it for the s7 and s7 edge, it will be so flipping old news, that it is pointless to even bother.

              • kelleyhirsch

                You are totally wrong.

                The page was in manufacturer testing/development or something like that. It changed 2 or 3 days ago to Update in testing.


                I do agree that the update is taking forever but that is hardly t-mobile fault. Samsung only released it a few weeks back.


                I will be moving away from a samsung device on my next buy just because they don't update they handsets.

              • magenta5151527

                Do you know when the test will be finish for the galaxy s7?

                • magenta5151527

                  Chris.. its been one week since you said that. According to sprint users, they have got android oreo. But why does it take so long? And could we be getting it this week since sprint rolled out the oreo? Thanks for your response!

                    • debjitjdv

                      Because T-Mo is making sure we get the best software possible. For ATT, Verizon, and Sprint they got some trash. That's why T-Mo engineers are taking months to fine tune that software to the perfection like a gourmet dish catered to perfection in a restaurant. Keep infinite patience.



                      To me, this whole software testing phase is a mess and gimmick. Even after doing so much ``best" testing, V30 had a battery issue, Bluetooth issue, S8 series software had a battery issue, heating issue, God knows what S7 series will have.


                      Sorry tmo_chris but can't help my sarcasm. Literally this time T-Mo team is taking a test of patience. God forbid if anything is wrong after the update is released, you folks will be swamped with complaints and sarcasm.

                        • magenta5151527

                          Hey, so I just contacted t mobile tech and asked them aswhen will the galaxy s7 get android 8.0 oreo. And they said they have a internal article which they don't give out. But the good news is that they said that the oreo will be released by the end of June or beginning of july. I have screen shots to prove that if needed. So oreo is going to be released by next week.

                      • magenta5151527

                        A t mobile representative just told me the oreo should be rolled out by next week or beginning of July. Let's hope it's next week

                      • bac2think

                        The information given with regards to the progress of these OS updates is so vague that it's basically worthless.  I understand that there are dozens of factors that are part of making these updates available, having said that, if the information we get isn't better than this, why even pretend like you're trying to keep your customers updated, there's no real information there for us to actually adjust to. An ETA date, a series or progress bars, or something better than 3 very vague categories if you actually want to update us on your progress.

                          • debjitjdv

                            I completely agree with you bac2think .


                            I understand T-Mo has to make some certification additionally because of their in-built DIGITS compared to AT&T and Verizon (both of them have released the update already) but the customers should be made more aware of the whole process rather than just three meaningless steps. What amazes me that in case of iOS software upgrade, T-Mo must go through such certification (there is no reason to believe that iOS software is completely bug-free and Android is plagued with bugs given the fact that iOS 11 is no short of a mess) yet Apple makes the release to everyone at the same time. T-Mo cannot stall the process at that time. I am not sure what makes them cause Android update release so hard and time-consuming process. Any more detail on this process would be much appreciated tmo_chris tmo_marissa .

                              • sslman71

                                How is manufacturer testing/development any different than update in testing? Also, how does Verizon and AT&T get it but not T-Mobile and Sprint? Anything said is pretty much wasted time, with basically no correct answer to those anyways. Nothing on this thread has given correct answer. The only thing in this thread has moved anywhere at all is no where. Telling us to see a page that maybe changed a few words means nothing. See that page just says that basically it is put off and will be for long time until we actually get it. None of this explains why two major networks do not push it but the other two do. All of it is hogwash and lies. Just to keep putting it off longer. Plus, still T-Mobile does try to screw over customers. They say you get free stuff when actually they charge instead. Not my account for heaven sake and glad but feel sorry for my older brother that can't get my s7 edge to work on Verizon because of the sim being locked, when app is supposed to unlock it to all carriers, which is another lie.

                                  • debjitjdv



                                    If your S7 Edge is T-Mobile branded, it wont work in Verizon. T-Mo runs on GSM technology whereas Verizon runs on CDMA. T-Mo version of the S7 Edge does not have CDMA radio enabled to receive Verizon signal. If the CDMA radio is not abled in the device, no app can make it work. It is the ground truth of the technology.

                                      • magenta5201772

                                        While you're correct in general, I have read on XDA forums (Will an S7 Edge (T-Mobile) work on Verizon? | T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge ) that Samsung made all US variants the same, hardware-wise.  You may need to mess around with unlocking the phone and/or flashing different firmware, but I'm led to believe you actually CAN take a T-Mo S7 edge to Verizon


                                        Personally, I'll stay with T-Mobile (better customer service IMO and cheaper plan) but it should work if you want to go.

                                          • debjitjdv

                                            You will run the chance of bricking your device. Although all S7 Edge in the US has Sandragan 820 and associated Qualcomm MSM8996  chipset, but the radio firmware that decides which radio will be enabled. In T-Mobile device, the CDMA firmware is not there. I am not sure if its antenna can received BC0 or BC1 or the other CDMA bands that Verizon use. Further, I believe Verizon use B13 of LTE which is not present in T-Mo S7 Edge. There are lots of ifs and buts. Unlocking the phone allows you to use your device on any GSM network but it does not ensure for working on a CDMA network. There is a huge risk. And once you brick your device, it goes out of warranty. Even burning a new firmware will trip KNOX and void warranty. So if I am to do it, I would proceed with extreme caution with a chance of success at a very low value.

                                              • magenta5151527

                                                thanks for your response. But i hope we get the oreo update this week

                                                • sslman71

                                                  I must have bricked my device then without even knowing it with a G935U firmware on it. Nope, it is running just fine, and never have had any problems and runs better than the T-Mobile firmware too. So don't tell me something when I already flashed it with the unlocked firmware. Makes you look bad. Plus, Sprint is rolling out Oreo, and now T-Mobile is dead last on it. Too bad they can't compete with the other networks. I would of went back to T-Mobile brand firmware if they had the update, but I think I will probably get the update to my unlocked firmware just after T-Mobile does. Going so slow, that I am willing to wait for the unlocked firmware update. Plus, I have got OTA latest unlocked firmware update from BRC1 to BRD1, and T-Mobile is still on the BRC1.


                                                  I did not trip knox and I am using Samsung Health and Samsung Pay all the time daily. So nope your are wrong.