Digits on T-Mobile One Plan


    When I signed up for T-Mobile I had chosen the T-Mobile ONE plan. I have 2 voice lines and a iPad data line. There was some sort of promotion price that I got, and I was enrolled with 2 DIGITS lines as well. I hadn't really checked in to what DIGITS was and have never used it. Didn't even want it, but it was included and I was told it was free. Ok, Whatever.


    Fast forward to today, My wife got a text message from T-Mobile saying that the DIGITS line linked with her number would now be $5.00 a month because T-Mobile ONE Plus plan was removed from the account.


    No one has changed anything on the account. We were never enrolled in T-Mobile ONE plus, we've always had the T-Mobile ONE plan.


    I don't want to start paying for a service that was pushed on me, especially when I was told it would be free. I can't find anywhere online to remove these DIGITS lines that are on my account and customer service isn't responding via Live Chat.


    I never really wanted these DIGITS lines in the first place. I find it ridiculous that I can't even find anywhere to opt out and remove them, and now I'm going to be billed for them? What gives...

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      • 77845aa@gmail.com

        Re: Digits on T-Mobile One Plan


        This is in my plan. I did not change plans or authorize any person to make changes to my account, or given notice that my account was changing. Is the UnCarrier pulling an AT&T and resorting to unethical profit tactics?

        • tmo_lauren

          Re: Digits on T-Mobile One Plan

          Hey there! Soon it's going to only be One Plus plans that are eligible for the free DIGITS line, but it sounds like it's not something you regularly use anyway and is easy to drop! You just need to go ahead and contact a rep directly and they can help remove the line as needed!


          You can find contact info in my signature for T-Force, or you can reach out through your preferred method!