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    Good morning,


    I am currently serving on active duty in the United States Navy. My family and I are currently stationed overseas in Italy and will be moving back to the States in September. I was wondering if it was possible to go ahead and sign up with TMobile and have the devices shipped here to our overseas location for use? one we are in need of new devices and two it is one less thing we have to worry about upon returning to the states after four years overseas.


    If you could please let me know,


    Thank you,


    Roelof Wesseling

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        Re: Starting with TMobile

        Hey there Roelof!


        It is a honor to hear that after a long time away, you have chosen T-Mobile for your wireless needs. Welcome back to the states!

        I personally use T-Mobile since 2016, and never had a complaint about it. They truly are, the Un-Carrier.

        Unfortunately, to my knowledge, T-Mobile does not offer international shipping. So, here is what I would do in your situation:


        1. Prior to your arrival into the US, google search for a T-Mobile store to the area you will be arriving at. Since I live in Hawaii, If I wanted to know, I'd google "T-Mobile store near Honolulu, HI."

        2. When you arrive into the US, go straight to a store with your payment method, such as cash or credit card, and an ID. If you are still active military, T-Mobile offers the T-Mobile One Military Plans for you and your family. Keep in mind that military verification is required. Keep a US address in mind, so that bills can be sent there.

        3. When you get to a store, talk to a representative about your wireless needs. Right now for qualifying customers, if you buy one Samsung Galaxy S9, you can get another one for free as monthly bill credit. Or, you can save $230 on a new Galaxy Note8, or $150 off a Galaxy S8. Here's the promotions link. If you choose to finance your devices, they will run a credit check with your SSN.


        Going to a store is the easiest and fastest way to get your new devices, because the reps there can help with all your needs, and they will have the devices you want right there and then.


        Please keep in mind that I'm not a T-Mobile representative, and this community forum does not accept orders or urgent customer service needs. If you need anything from a T-Mobile representative, remember to call 1 (877) 453-1304, or 611 from your T-Mobile cell phone, or use their social media accounts to reach them. Twitter is usually the fastest.


        Welcome back to the United States,

        Ocean K.

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