Slow Youtube streaming over WiFi


    Hello everyone,


    Just recently I switched to the Military plan, hasn't taken effect yet and it won't for a week or so.  For the past two to three weeks I've been unable

    to streaming anything HD on Youtube, just Youtube on my Wifi network at home.  I know this would indicate a problem with my ISP but the odd thing is that it only happens on my iPhone X. My Wifi network speeds are over 100mb/s and I don't have any issues with anything but my mobile device.   I've been reading about t-mobile throttling HD streams like Youtube or Netflix but this shouldn't happen over my wifi network or could it?


    I have tried all the usual resets, DNS address changes, networks setting resets, modem/router resets and updates... Ive yet to try and stream on good cellular coverage but im sure that will be throttled to 480p.

    Youtube HD stream on mobile device over wifi= slow buffering/loading

    Youtube on any other device at home wifi=great stream experience.

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