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    Our family is moving to Singapore. We are on the Simple Choice plan coming from the U.S. Our phone types are 8plus and SE. what do I need to do and what should I know? Unlock the phones? Need new SIM cards?  All advice appreciated.

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      • gramps28

        Re: Moving to Singapore

        Pay off the phones if they are on an EIP, request an unlock code and

        get a service provider in Singapore. Cancel your service with Tmobile as close to

        the cycle end date to avoid any prorated charges.


        Tmobile won't let you have extended service in a foreign country.

        • drnewcomb2

          Re: Moving to Singapore

          What gramps28 said. The iPhones should work well in Singapore, once unlocked.  After paying off any balance on the phones, request T-Mobile provide the unlock authorization and follow these instructions. When you get to Singapore, set up service with whichever of several providers you prefer. You'll insert the new SIM from the Singapore provider. You may decide to keep your T-Mobile service until the end of service month after you arrive in Singapore, That way you can have roaming service until you get your Singapore phone lines set up. You could port one or more of your US lines to Google Voice to have access to them from Singapore. Doing this is will cancel that line with T-Mobile. So, only do it as the last step.


          Enjoy Singapore. It's an interesting combination of cultures but I didn't find the shopping to be the bargain many people claimed it was.

          • drnewcomb2

            Re: Moving to Singapore

            You can keep your T-Mobile service active for a while but T-Mobile won't let do that indefinitely. It's called permaroaming and it's now allowed. Also, every call (in or out) would be 20¢/min and data would be slow and people in Singapore who wanted to call you would have to make an international call to the US. If you want to keep your US phone numbers active, the best thing to do is to park them with Google Voice. You can then use either Google's Hangouts app or an ObiTalk box to receive calls on those lines. If you later move back to the States, you can re-port the lines back to T-Mobile or whatever carrier.

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