People calling me get a busy signal


    The majority of the people calling me get a busy signal even when I'm not on the phone.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: People calling me get a busy signal

        Well that is incredibly strange! Do you happen to notice how many bars of signal your phone shows when this happens? Does this tend to happen more frequently when you are in a specific area?

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: People calling me get a busy signal

          Hey, daddyo1425!


          I have to agree with Chris - this is super strange! What type of phone are you using? Does location matter? As Chris asked, when this happens how many bars of signal do you have? Lastly, have you talked with Tech Support regarding this yet?

          • daddyo1425

            Re: People calling me get a busy signal

            Thank you for your responses.


            This happened at home office in an excellent signal area and on WI-Fi calling.  Using a ZTE.  Discussed this issue with tech. several times.  Finally received an answer that seems to be working.  Will get back if not.  Apparently, having my Connection preferences setting to Wi-Fi preferred was (maybe) causing this situation.  Tech asked me to place setting on Cellular preferred which uses Cellular Network for calls.  If Cellular unavailable, use Wi-Fi.  Makes sense, I guess, since I am in a very strong signal area.  However, my Wi-Fi signal was also strong, so I do not know why that would cause a busy signal for callers.  In any event, calls seem to be going to voicemail now when I am unable to answer instead of a busy signal.


            On my android:

            Go to: Settings>More>Wi-Fi Calling>Cellular preferred

            • magenta5655286

              Re: People calling me get a busy signal

              I am having same issue and took my phone off wifi calling like you did months ago. Still getting message on my work phone from my neurologist, my doctor's office, my bank all saying they have tried to call me all day but just get a busy signal. How many other people have tried to call me just to get same that I don't know about. I own a company.


              I need these calls to come through or be able to leave a message.


              I have a Samsung Galaxy 8plus, I never had this issue with Verizon, ever. I want to stay with T-mobile but I am getting a feeling this is something with the network.

              • magenta6603671

                Re: People calling me get a busy signal

                I am having the same issue. Everytime the person tries to call me it would ring one time then say ”this line is busy” and the phone hangs up. I use to receive call from the person but now I cant.

                • magenta6994447

                  Re: People calling me get a busy signal

                  This is happening to me as well.  I hve tried all of the recommendations and the T-mobile tech, who was great, couldn't figure it out.  Landlines do not call in from many different companies and geographic locations.