Service termination for excessive roaming

    Would like to know why they are disconnecting my service for excessive roaming? When I was very clear with the sales associate if this would be a problem because I work in the oilfield industry and my job takes me to different places for months at a time.They assured me this would not be an issue and now I have received a text message letting me know my service will be terminated on the 18th  of June for excessive roaming. Would like to know my options I have four lines and I think this is really poor customer service.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Oh man, this is such a touch situation. We really should have been more clear. When you're using our service, the larger portion of that usage has to be on T-Mobile's coverage, not roaming. You're welcome to Contact Us and speak with our care folks about other plan options, but if the larger portion of your usage will be roaming, the choices we have may be limited.

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        • stevew407

          Where are you roaming as I am overseas and they have been more than fair about the roaming BUT the wifi calls keep getting billed and disputed and my phone has been turned off for non-payment.  Curious if you have had any of these issues? Also, what you plan to do for replacements?

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          • elena111

            I was in Europe for two weeks in August 1-15. I did use local wifi, and roaming only sometime when wifi was not sufficient. I called T-Mobile prior to trip and confirmed that I have "unlimited data roaming", as per my contract. I didn't hear a peep about "excessive usage". TODAY, September 12, I received T-Mobile text informing me that my service is "affected, because of my excessive roaming". This is RIDICULOUS. I am a buisness customer paying hundreds per month on average. And I have my G4 connection suspended mid September because I was on vacation for two weeks in August? T-Mobile, you going to lose customers by bunch, plus get lawsuits. This is not a good business practice!

              • miket

                Re: Service termination for excessive roaming

                How much data and voice did you use?   What plan are you on? 

                We have used this intl. roaming feature in 12 or 13 countries for 10 days to (in at least one case) 5 weeks.   Never used much data or voice.  Much data would have been using Google Maps when driving.  My guess is not over 1G per line at the most.  We travel w. 2 phones.  Account had 6 lines til recently - now 8.

                  • elena111

                    Re: Service termination for excessive roaming

                    I didn't even watch my data, because I was told "unlimited roaming". Isn't

                    it a false advertising?

                    I have four lines BIZ FM UTT+6GB, visited four countries, 15 days.

                    Used for FB, email etc. Didn't care much, whether it's wifi or data, again,

                    because it was spelled out "unlimited

                    data usage free". Most of the time wifi was available.

                    It's not the point how much I used it. The point is that A) I was on

                    vacation for just two weeks,

                    B) I was told when signed on and for all my years with T-Mobile that "data

                    roaming is free" internationally.


                    Suddenly, they send me text with some ridiculously vague claim of

                    "excessive usage".

                      • miket

                        Re: Service termination for excessive roaming

                             Since you appear to have a "small business" account - you should have a rep.  In any case you can contact CS via email.  (Only business customers can do that.)  You are the first business customer (besides me) I've ever seen on this forum. 

                             All carriers can cut off people for "abusing" the system.  (Like some people who think they can give up home internet and stream countless movies over "unlimited" data.)   IF they thought you were abusing the system, TM should have sent you a warning text first.   

                            Just occurred to me -  Didn't TM (in the past year) limit the amount of intl. roaming data you can use each month based on your plan?  

                  • magenta2273755

                    They just terminated my international roaming even though I believed the false advertising about unlimited data. Does anyone know of any class action lawsuits against T-Mobile I can join?


                    I am in the middle of a two month vacation in Europe and now will have no access whatsoever to maps to find my way around.. or public transit guides.

                    unless I can find an open wifi hot spot I am basically screwed. And the hot spot can only be used while I am stationary. Every place I might want to check the map I have to look for a wifi hotspot as I am cut off from the local cellular.


                    I have been paying for their international plan and fighting with them for being billed for usage minutes on Telefonica bit not Movistar.


                    What are my options to find other carriers as a replacement for T-Mobile. No reason to keep them when the din’t honor their promises. I will cancel my second line and my international plan in retaliation. They claim these charges are $0.25 a minute for international long distance. Yet Facebook and WhatsApp let me have voice call 100% free to any FB or WhatsApp user anywhere in the world. But my family in the US are all technological illiterates. And calling a  company's customer service is always to a toll free number


                    What do digital nomads use for their mobile phones?


                    I have my iphone set to prevent VOLTE but allow my so-called unlimited data. All the calls I made we back to the US either to my daughter or 800 and 888 numbers to American Customer service.


                    Does any company sell a worldwide SIM? T-Mobile has ruined my vacation. I am not in any country longer than three weeks, so I can’t stop when entering a new country to shop for the best plan and buy a SIM only to throw it away in a few weeks.


                    i used to recommend T-Mobile but now I hate them and can’t wait to get rid of them.

                    • miket

                      Strange.  TM does say, I believe, that half your usage has to be at "home". Our longest trip has been under 4 weeks.  How long have you been a TM customer?  How much data did you use before they cut you off? 

                        Just occurred to me, a couple users of ours have used it for 6-7 weeks at a time.  They make fewer than a call or 2 a day and use very little data. 

                        • magenta2273755

                          Re: Service termination for excessive roaming

                          Not very much. All calls were back to the US. Mosrly to companies 800

                          numbers. An hour call to my daughter for which they billed me $25 for a

                          wifi call. Zero cellular voice calls. Mostly e-mails maps, transit, such.

                          They can’t really explain their billing.


                          The minute they turn off my roaming I switch to Google Fi and cancel all

                          but the most mininmal service until Google Fi can find a way to integrate

                          the old Google Voice system. This is necessary to maintain WhatsApp and

                          Uber that are linked to my actual ™ number.


                          Give me a month and I will be a FORMER  T-Mobile customer. Their customer

                          service has gone way downhill with Experts that offer more apologies and

                          platitud than solutions.


                          John Legere used to be innovative and customer focused but his ego has

                          grown in direct proportion to his  success. Arrogance before the fall.




                          Norm Gilbert