Limited 17870 & No Service 17102


    Just switched to T Mobile last week, and pretty disappointed in the service connectivity.  I commute to and work for the State, in Harrisburg PA.  Seeing the No Service flag on my brand new iPhone X screen is discouraging and for the first time in countless years I saw the “E” connectivity.  I commute here from 17870 and was told the service in that area was superb, which it isn't.  I've lost connection in the 17870 area several times. 


    When I reviewed the coverage maps, T Mobile has the majority of PA coverage with LTE.  I’m not seeing these connections.  This surprises me with T Mobile being one of the big 4 in PA. 


    The appeal of T Mobile was the small price reduction from our previous carrier, no contract, unlimited everything.  However, at the cost of limited to No Service just isn’t worth it. 


    I’d like to know what T Mobile is doing about this, or plans to do.  I’d also like to know my options at this point with only joining T Mobile a few days ago.  A smartphone requires connection to be functional, without service it’s a $999 camera X 2 since my wife and I both purchased new phones when we moved to T Mobile.


    Would have been great for T Mobile to have an email address available to contact support, since I can't do it via smartphone as a result to limited to No Service.

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        Re: Limited 17870 & No Service 17102

        This is what I'm dealing with. 


        The infamous "E" service that I haven't seen since before the release of 3G.

        ....No Service

        And lastly, trying to get to the support page. 



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          Re: Limited 17870 & No Service 17102

          Hey updating 


          Thanks for taking the time to post to our community! I am very sorry that you are off to a rocky start coverage wise! I know how important it is to have reliable coverage on your commute especially when it is a long one like that. I was able to take a look at the coverage map from 17870 to Harrisburg and along the river there are patches of fair signal which could be causing your phone to drop coverage. We will want to take a closer look at your exact route and get some specific locations from you like mile markers and get a support ticket opened up for you. We don't have an email address but if you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can use the links in my signature to send our T-Force team a private message and we can gather the info that way.

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              Re: Limited 17870 & No Service 17102

              Thank you for the reply. We’ve already cancelled support and switched providers. We tried a support ticket without resolution. Building penetration was lacking causing the No Service issue in a state building. Recpetion was also nonexistent where we live, ,5 miles from the T-Mobile store.


              Merchandise returned, account closed. Was worth a try, but not for us. We have needs that require 100% connectivity.