Can we establish a class action suit in MA?


    Requested two phones and one account to be opened to use the two phones

    T-Mobile set up two accounts, both identical information but two different spellings of my last name

    T-Mobile sent me not two but four phones

    We returned two phones and kept the other two, as well as established on active account for me and my husband.

    T-Mobile has been billing us for both accounts (1 active and 1 inactive)

    Attempted to close one of the inactive account multiple times and they've stated they will resolve it at least three times with calls I've made to them.

    T-Mobile apparently has taken no action to close the inactive account because we don't have and perhaps never have established the six digit pin

    We provided T-Mobile with the two account number, two shipping numbers for the shipment of four phones and four phone numbers associated with the two accounts (one active and one inactive) and still they refuse to investigate the inactive account they created and we've never accessed since.

    T-Mobile has sent our account information to Convergent a collection agency for an account we never activated with a pin code we don't have for an account set up for two phones we returned.

    Can we file a class action suit for the stress and defamation of character because of the impact on a person's credit account?


    Sincerely, a T-Mobile Customer


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