No HD Streaming on One Plus International


    My family recently switched to the T-Mobile One Military plan as my father served. He’s the account holder and I am one of three other lines.


    I am the only line that has the One Plus International for the additional $25. It’s been around two weeks since we’ve joined and I still have yet to stream HD video over cellular. There is no toggle in the profile section for my media settings on or the iOS app. I found the exact url for the media settings on this forum as many other individuals are stating that is the solution but when I’m logged into both the primary account holders T-Mobile or mine it states, “this line is not eligible for media settings” along with all the other lines on the account.


    I’ve called T-Mobile support multiple times which has led to business and engineering escalations (although no one has followed up with me)... Those escalations were all made over 5-7 business days ago.


    Coutless reset network settings have been performed since the escalations in hope that it had been resolved but needed a device specific reset, but the issue is persisting.


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