Why I still have TMB/XAA/TMB under Service provider SW  after unlocking my Galaxy S8 via the app ?


    I am not able to use the new sim card (new career) after unlocking my phone via the app "Device Unlock".

    • Phone Galaxy S8 has been paid-off since April 2018.
    • Device Unlocked since April 2018.
    • Device unlock app says "Device Permanently Unlocked".
    • When inserting the new sim card: I have network (from new career) for about ONE SECOND and then "No Network".
    • Double checked new career Access Point Names and parameters (they have been detected and correct).
    • Called customer service 3 times and they say that my phone "SHOULD BE" unlocked and good to go.


    However, when I check "Service Provider SW ver." I still have TMB/XAA/TMB under Setting > About Phone > Service provider SW ver. after unlocking my Galaxy S8.


    Can someone help me go through this because when I call my new career, they say their Sim card is ready to go on the phone and they have no restrictions or issues from their end.

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