S8+ not automatically finding roaming provider since software update also will not log on to data


    Hello everyone,

    My S8+ did the software Update on the May 27th 2018. I am roaming in the Bahamas the Cell provider for roaming is BTC,

    Since the software update my phone will not automatically register on BTC. When i restart the phone it registers and i have data for 1-2 mins then the data stops and then about 2 mins later the phone falls off the network and will not re register. I can manually register the phone back on to BTC, then I can make and receive voice calls and send a receive text messages, but the data will not work.

    I have talked to Tmobile tech support online and called them. They really were not much help.

    Just wondering if anybody else has experienced anything similar or has any insight.




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      • tmo_chris

        Hey magenta5099357 I know that fiddling with your phone is the last thing you want to be doing when you are in the Bahamas! Since it is just data that is failing after you have successfully registered, I wonder if your data roaming might have been turned off after the update. Can you please try dialing #RON# on your phone and let me know what it says? Also, can you go into your network settings on the phone and ensure that data roaming is enabled? It is under settings > Connections > Mobile networks.

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        • magenta5099357

          Hello Chris, I did check that my mobile Data was on and did #RON# Roaming is on.

          Now the funny thing So i was in Nassau at Atlantis when i was having this problem, Today we moved up to the Abaco's by Marsh Harbor and my everything started working perfectly. I did not change any settings on my phone and mt phone still says I am on BTC.

          Makes me think there is a provider issue in Nassau. A friend of mine had commented to me he was having issues with his apple device in Nassau at the same time i was with his Apple device. Also i had other Friends using the BTC Network with BTC sim Cards and having no issues.


          Anyways problem fixed until I go back to Nassau.


          Thanks for every ones input

          • magenta5267895

            I am in Nassau as well. similar issues. Took forever to try and find a provider it would connect to.  myniphone 8 says Tmobile!? Last three years when here it said BTC.  With BTC I had coverage all over the island. Now I hardly have coverage at all even in center of the populated areas.  It’s bad.  What happened to tmobile in Nassau?

            • 2loki4u

              Greetings all,


              I just returned from a horrific roaming experience with my T-Mobile Global+ plan on my galaxy s8  down to the Bahamas yesterday...  I spent 6 days & 5 nights there and wasted hours troubleshooting connection issues, weird "No Data and opening tickets trying to make it possible to actually use data through the roaming partner BTC...


              My experience:


              Connection to Aliv Operator - ZERO Success anywhere on the islands


              Connection to BTC - Explained:

              Initially - connect with 4G indicator (UMTS W-CDMA) - no LTE service

                   After time passes continuous notices / alerts from "Phone" class notifications:


              (Yes this same message appeared over 1000 times regardless of whether or not I was connected via wi-fi, and regardless of whether or not my VPN service was active)


              Phone calls over Cellular were possible intermittently and COMPLETELY unrelated to the radio to mobile RF link quality:


              Screenshot_20190214-154743_Service mode RIL.jpg

              From this screen you can clearly see that the Ec/Io was exceptional and Carrier over noise (RSCP) was perfect - RSSI in the -50's...


              This is further verified using the LTE discovery app:

              Screenshot_20190214-154759_LTE Discovery.jpg

              Screenshot_20190214-154811_LTE Discovery.jpg

              What you SHOULD notice from the last image is that the "Data network type: UNKNOWN" is shown... This is why in this condition I could make and receive calls but not DATA...


              After resets and power cycling, I did catch this updating and reporting UMTS but within mins of it doing so it would drop UMTS and return to UNKNOWN...


              This suggests that there is a provisioning issue with the roaming agreement between the carriers where-by the local operator (BTC) is unable to pull down or retain Customer Authentication for Data Usage in the local VLR.


              Now then, I noticed at different times throughout the day this would change and I also noticed that it seemed to coincide in some way to Cruise Ships arriving and departing during the middle of the day - however as I was in Paradise Island, at the Atlantis and facing the beach side - i would not expect the ships to be causing interference - also, no evidence of interference (on the RF side) was noted...


              What I do think could be happening is the overload of roaming visitors slamming BTC's VLR and overloading it such that it may have had to "release the leases" of mobiles already on the island to accomodate for the changes in users arriving and departing the island... Just a theory - since no one else at T-Mobile or BTC  even acknowledge that there is an actual problem... The only issue with this theory is that AT&T users did not experience this issue and BTC is their roaming partner as well...


              What I do know is that if T-Mobile and BTC refuse to investigate this beyond a quick glance - and acknowledge there's an actual issue - this issue will never be resolved and you shouldn't expect to use your phone reliably outside of wifi coverage...


              The coverage was blacket level at consistently better than -90dBm everywhere I went - average was closer to -75 to -80 with excellent noise figures... So, this is NOT the radio interface (connection) that is the issue - this i am certain of...


              In the event you didn't pick up on it - I used to work for t-mobile in Operations & Engineering and currently work as a performance engineer for a vendor serving this sector...  Next time i return there I will take pocket-tems with me to record the sessions...


              T-Mobile - please stop ignoring this issue - from this thread this is an ongoing issue which appears to be exclusive your roaming agreements



              Thank you...