Do my family in Poland pay if I call them on North America Stateside International Talk?


    I added feature to my phone: North America Stateside International Talk with mobile. It says that calls to Poland should be included in my feature - both landline, mobile and SMS. It's great, however, my family in Poland says that it's good for me, but they have to pay on their side when I call them or text them. Is this true? If yes then the feature is useless, as I cannot make them pay for my calls or texts. Can T-Mobile confirm?

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      • smplyunprdctble

        It might be a possibility.  It depends on their phone service plan.


        If you think about 20 years ago, cell phones were starting and most people had land lines.  The folks with land lines would get plans with unlimited long distance.  However, cell phones had per-minute plans (generally with free nights and weekends).  That meant if my grandmother in Massachusetts called me in Georgia and I went over my minutes, I would have to pay for receiving the call [part of my service plan] and my grandmother paid for placing the call [whether it be part of a unlimited long distance plan or a per-minute plan].


        The same still happens in the US with Pay As You Go plans.  They fill up a handful of dollars on a prepaid plan.  When they receive a call or text, funds are deducted from their PAYG account, even though someone else may also be paying a long distance fee, or a per-text fee.


        So, it depends on their cell plan in Poland.  They would probably be paying the same as if it was another Poland number calling or texting them.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Hey, colonelsun! This is a good question; and I totally understand wanting to check on the situation for your relatives.
          Smply is correct -- it depends on their plan and location. They'll need to check with their local carrier in Poland -- if they're being advised (or have seen on their bills) that there will be charges (tariffs or taxes, etc) on incoming international calls, then I would trust them. I'm sorry to read that this might be the case for them!