I just joined TMobile.  I live in a fairly rural area along Lake Huron in Michigan’s thumb.  Your coverage map indicates service throughout the area, which is why I changed carriers.  As soon as I left Port Huron, I had absolutely “No Service”.  In Sandusky I had a couple of bars.  When I got home, I had no bars, but then it showed one, but not regularly.  In the village of Port Sanilac I had “No Service” this morning.  My old carrier provided service at least when I was outdoors, something I have been unable to get so far with  TMobile.  When I searched for the nearest cell tower in zip 48427, your website indicated none.  No wonder service is spotty!  I called customer support yesterday to see if I could get a signal booster.  Your rep advised there were options that relied on an internet connection.  When I asked if it worked on satellite internet, he said yes.  When I went on line to order, the FAQ indicated it would not work well with satellite because of the high ping.  I really wonder about what is going on?


    I am considering switching back because of these issues, unless there is something I can do with my phone to improve things.  I have an iPhone 8 Plus, and an iPhone 7.


    I appreciate your comments.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Coverage

        Hey drobertson517 


        I am super sorry to hear that our coverage is not cutting it in your location The unfortunate truth is that our cell spot devices that require a home ISP will not work with Satellite internet. Looking at the thumb, we have some pretty strong LTE 700 signal which your phones can support but the amount of towers we have to cover that entire area are limited. Sandusky has LTE 700 and 2100 as well as 4G available on 2100. Looking at the coverage map, the coverage is going to be dense in and around the major towns but falls off as you reach the outskirts which is sounds like is where you reside.


        We would be super sad to lose your business but totally understand that you will need to choose a carrier that will be able to provide you with the coverage you need.

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Coverage

          Hi, drobertson517, and thanks for joining our Community to post about this concern. I agree with Chris's points above -- we'd hate to see you go; but if you're in an area where our coverage is thinner, that would certainly explain your experience. I know it won't help much while you're out and about, and the satellite service isn't compatible with the CellSpot device; but is WiFi calling an option to improve in-home coverage? Just trying to make sure we're thinking through all of the possible fixes for you!