Can't send text messages with phone.


    Anyone else have this problem?  Does T-Mobile have trouble with texting technology?  I realize it's no long considered mysterious or new technology, but is this a problem for T-Mobile engineers?  Does T-Mobile need help for their network to send text messages?

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      • craigl

        Re: Can't send text messages with phone.

        Ok, I'm getting the 6245, Sorry, this service is not available when I attempt to send text from my phone to an email address.  Was informed by customer service that T-Mobile doesn't yet implement this 25 year old technology.  Can't send text from an email address to my phone either. 


        Sprint does both just fine. T-Mobile?  Nope, you've chosen not to implement such technology.


        I'll probably go back to Sprint.  T-Mobile needs to get some engineers and technologists to try to catch up to your competitors.  You really suck.  Embarrassing that you can't even implement text to email.  Or more appropriately, T-Mobile is too lazy to implement such,.