Spotify and Nike+ Running App


    I am having a trouble with connecting Spotify with my Nike+ Running app.


    This is a common problem, and very frustrating! I really wish T-Mobile would do something about it. Nonetheless, I'm curious if any community members have a solution for this.


    Whenever I connect Spotify to my Nike+ app via Wi-fi, everything is fine. I can use the app and play music. However, once I get out of range and switch to LTE, Spotify no longer works. I understand this is due to T-Mobile's "Music Freedom" service. Apparently all third-party apps have trouble connecting to music streaming services while on data. Only T-Mobile has this problem! Essentially, we cannot listen to music and track our runs at the same time. This is very annoying.


    Can we do ANYTHING about this?

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Spotify and Nike+ Running App



        Does the issue only happen when there is a handoff between the WiFi and network? Or if you start your run off WiFi and do the whole thing on network is there still an issue?



          • deleopeifa

            Re: Spotify and Nike+ Running App

            I’m wondering why this is marked as resolved? I’m having the same issue and it’s really annoying. It is a T Mobile issue only, and it happens whether you start on WiFi and hand off or start on the network. Can we figure out a solution please??

            • tron7868

              Re: Spotify and Nike+ Running App

              Hi Lauren,


              Not sure why this thread is marked resolved. 2 people have responded to your question. It does not matter if we start Nike Run connected to wifi or LTE - we can not get any music to play through the NRC app while on LTE.  This is a problem for all T-Mobile users who are using the Nike Run Club app. Please help us resolve this immediately or I’m switching to GoogleFi!!

            • tmo_marissa

              Re: Spotify and Nike+ Running App

              Hey there! Just wanted to check in on the question Lauren asked above -- are you able to get this working if you initiate everything on network (rather than starting on WiFi first)?

              • ibrown

                Re: Spotify and Nike+ Running App

                I am also having this issue. It occurs whether my phone handsoff from wifi to LTE or if I start my run on LTE. The song appears, but never plays.

                • magenta5687297

                  Re: Spotify and Nike+ Running App

                  I think I just solved it by routing my traffic through a VPN service. i think this masks the content of my traffic from T mobile and renders the music freedom service invalid

                  • darktears31

                    Re: Spotify and Nike+ Running App

                    It's August and it is still an issue. It doesn't matter if I start the run while in LTE or if I start it on WiFi and then it switches to LTE. On WiFi I can hear the song then as soon as it hands over to LTE it just stops. When starting in LTE nothing happens, the song is shown but we can't hear anything.


                    Please note that if I open the Spotify app and play a song it will work just fine on LTE. T-Mobile is doing some crappy network filtering and turns out that it gets buggy when the network requests are originated from the Nike app rather than the Spotify app. Please can we get someone competent to look at the issue? It's baby simple to reproduce.


                    Or maybe we should just switch to a different provider that doesn't do stupid filtering.


                    When I see the comment of magenta5687297 it's clear to me that something is happening on the T-Mobile infrastructure.