Oneplus6 and Moto G6


    Ok so I am currently using the LG G6. For the record I hate this phone. Of every phone i have owned the G6 ranks as the worst. The amount of bloatware installed is unbelievable. The support for LG devices is pathetic. The split second I can I am ditching the G6. Currently T-Mobile has probably one device I might consider moving to the note 8. Yes the note 9 is comimg with Android P, etc etc. Considering the note 8 will be lowered down to the$600-$700 price range and that note phones last an average of five years. I would consider buying one.

    The other two phones I am thinking about are the oneplus 6 and moto G6. Both run pretty much Android not a lot of bloatware. Are they are on par with flagship level phones? I would say yes. Besides them both being the closes thing to a nexus device is the price and they both come with a head phone jack.

    So what are the chances either device will show at tmobile?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Oneplus6 and Moto G6

        Hey, joe1994!


        I'd say the Note 8 is probably the most comparable phone you'll find that we carry. As far as if we'll see the Moto G6 or OnePlus 6, I'm not sure.

        • kenoatl

          Re: Oneplus6 and Moto G6

          I am loving my Oneplus 6.   I have been using since 5/25.   The software is clean,  I am getting amazing speeds on the network.   No problems using the LTEvoice or Wifi calling on the T-mobile network.   The hotspot works great too.    I do not miss my LG V20.