Amplified Plan vs Military Plan; need detail cost breakdown for MORE than 4 lines


    Can someone point me to where I can see (for myself) the full cost breakdown per line, as lines are added to an account with Amplified, when going BEYOND the (average) 4 lines most people would need/want?  I wish to see the additional cost per line when adding lines 5 through 8.  I recently switch from my previous carrier (of ~20 years) to a qualified Military account.  I would like to know what ALL of my options are, since I am in a unique position to qualify for both plans.  Who knows, I may switch to the Amplified plan (even if it is more expensive, given the additional benefits), but I cannot decide if I cannot perform my own cost-benefit analysis.


    On another note, more team members in your stores should be educated about checking to see if someone can qualify for the Amplified service option.  I  explored all options *exhaustively* over the past 2 months, through multiple conversations with various T-mobile employees, and NONE mentioned the Amplified service option.  I am disappointed, because you could have won me over even faster, as well as gain even more subscribers (that qualify for the Amplified service plan).


    Thank you!

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