Phone never got switched to new account, even though we've called about it. What do i do?


    So, roughly 2 yrs ago now I switched all of my lines and phones to a different account. The lady who initially did it did not know what she was doing at all and messed a lot of things up with the lines, the account, and my phones EIP. My phone itself got moved over, but my EIP never did (even though both parties signed for all of the EIPs to be switched). So, over the past 2 yrs we have called in several times to try and fix that, because the other account was cancelled and still had my phones remaining balance on it. Every time we called, we were assured that it would be fixed or that it was fixed. The last time I called about it was a few months ago, and I was really positive about it getting fixed that time. I guess I was wrong, because I received a collections bill from another company for the old account. Now I'm really concerned that they are going to block My IMEI and render my phone completely useless over a tmobile error.


    I really need some help with this one.

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