Entire T-Mobile Store Mislead My Husband and I


    Just a few days ago my husband and I went into Store 9052 in Memphis, TN. We went in to ask about the Military Plan they were offering, we were told by the sales rep that we could do the BOGO iPhone deal and the get out of the red deal where our other devices with Verizon would be paid off. This persuaded us to switch to T-mobile because who wouldn't for a deal like that?! Come to find out we come home to processes our rebates for the BOGO deal and the get out of the red deal to have our devices paid off. We could only process one after some research and calling we were told you can only qualify for one rebate and not both. This is a huge issue because this is why we switch to T-mobile and every service rep in the store was trying to figure out why both wouldn't go through including the MANAGER!!! I'm trying to figure out how to resolve this issue or report the store because this is unacceptable... any suggestions would be appreciated.

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