Get call recording of call with T-Mobile representative.


    I had a call with a T-Mobile representative on Mar 2nd 2017 where he told that I will be getting a free 22GB data line. The promo was called "This One's on Us". But I have been charged for that line since then. Now when I call customer representative, they say data has be charged, but on 2017 call it was told it is free!! I would like to submit a dispute on this case and would like to get a recording reviewed or transcribed.


    How can I get it? How can I resolve this issue?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, magenta3175079


        We're not able to provide you with a copy of the recorded call because they're randomly recorded for quality purposes and aren't intended to be a record of the conversation. That being said, we still need to get this straightened out because a monthly call to get your credit gets old. I checked out the promo and was able to see that for the data lines the maximum credit is $25 regardless of the amount of data on the plan. It sounds like the incorrect code may be being used on your extra line which is what automatically triggers the credit. The best recommendation that I can make is to reach out to T-Force via Facebook or Twitter, let them know what's going on, and let them know that the promo information can be found on DOC # 431815 (this will speed things along).


        Give that a shot and keep me updated!