What does the upgrade policy mean for new iPhones?


    I was recently informed that I was not allowed to "downgrade" to a phone that costs less than the one I currently have. This is a new policy as I have definitely traded in higher priced phones for older models in the past.


    I've been seeing a lot of rumors that Apple is going to lower their iPhone cost in order to be more accessible. If this does happen, what does TMO plan on doing about this? Does this mean people who have an iPhone X can't upgrade since the newer phone would be worth less than the older model? I can't imagine too many people are going to be happy with that news.


    Or what about someone who has an iPhone but then wants to go to an Android phone (which tend to cost less)? I asked this question over the phone and was told "well even if you turn in your old phone, you'll still have to pay the lease on it if you have Jump On Demand (JOD)." (which is literally not how leases work ever) or "well you can always open a second line for the phone you want". (so now customers are having to pay more and get things they don't need just to get around the upgrade policy that boasts about how you can get any new phone every 30 days - which clearly isn't true).


    Neither of these are satisfactory answers IMO, so I thought I'd pose the question here.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, h34th3r5! Thanks for joining our Community to ask this question -- can I ask where we advised you of this policy? I know that customers who upgrade with JUMP! On Demand have to upgrade to different device models or memory sizes compared to their current devices, but I haven't heard (and don't see after researching) that it necessarily has to be a higher cost device, higher model, or higher memory variant. What phone do you have now and what did you want to JUMP! to?

          • h34th3r5

            I was informed by more than one of your CS agents about this policy. I currently have an iPhone X 64 gb. I inquired about getting the iPhone 8+ and was told that I couldn't "downgrade" to that phone cause the iPhone 8+ wasn't as expensive as the phone I currently have. The "just pay for another line" or "well you can have two leases" were actual options I was offered by these same agents.


            I even called once and an agent said I was misinformed, then looked up the policy and said "oh...nope that's correct". I was told that and this would have been REALLY good to know when I signed my lease program instead of 6 months later. I feel like such a drastic policy change should have been better communicated.


            So if Apple lowers the prices, will iPhone X users be able to upgrade to a "cheaper" iPhone X2 (or whatever)?

              • tmo_marissa

                h34th3r5, I wish I could tell you -- but to be honest I can't speak to the future of any program, or Apple's intentions regarding pricing.

                I do want to make sure you're receiving accurate information about the program as it exists at this time, though. I still can't locate any call-out about a change in the program in the manner that was outlined to you! The only call-out I can find that delineates devices for JOD is the acknowledgement that the iPhone X is currently the only Tier 3 JOD device that we retail -- but this is in regard to damage fees, and isn't mentioned as something that bears relevance to completing an upgrade. I absolutely agree that if this were part of the policy, it should be communicated. I will reach out and double check with the program owners to see what we can determine.


                In the interim, I do know that when a representative walks through the upgrade process, a list of available devices will show -- which is important, because not all devices are available for JOD. Are you still interested in upgrading? While we can't take a look from here; I'd be super interested to know what device options our T-Force team sees if they walk through the upgrade process with you. Are you active on social media at all? T-Force is our support team on Twitter and Facebook, and in those channels (Twitter via DM and Facebook via Message) we have a secure platform for account verification and can take a look at these details!


                I'll follow up with what I hear back as soon as I have news to report, but if you happen to decide to reach out to T-Force I'd love to know what you learn from having someone walk through the upgrade process!