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My data on phone is inaccessible


    I have an issue, I've been using T-Mobile on my iPhone 6S during some months. But at the same time I use MS Outlook for chit-chatting with my friends and colleagues, today I've got a problem, I couldn't enter to my Inbox. Because MS Outlook required .pst password. I don't know where I wrote it. I don't know how to recovery Outlook password, I applied Google and Yahoo, but I didn't find anything worth.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: My data on phone is inaccessible

        Oh no! I am super sorry that you are unable to access your .pst file. This is a super tricky one as I do not personally know of any ways to recover that password using Outlook. There are some suggestions on the internet but I would recommend that you proceed with caution as we do not support any of those methods and cannot guarantee the privacy of your .pst file.