Coverage and Signal Strength in Seattle


    I recently moved to Seattle. I've had awesome coverage and speeds in both Boston and NYC, but Seattle's has been painfully slow and nonresponsive, which makes my job very difficult as a courier. I live near the University of Washington (98115) on Roosevelt Way and my phone calls drop nearly all the time. I have less than five bars almost always, and the signal strength is even worse indoors. What is going on? I really am about to cancel my subscription because T-mobile is hurting my bottom line.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, talbarpeled!


        Welcome to our Support Community! Ain't nobody got time for slow data! From checking out the area, you should be seeing pretty fast speeds because there are multiple towers in the area. Is this only happening during a specific time of day? What type of phone are you using? Lastly, if you run a speed test, what are your results? I'll take a closer look at what you're seeing slow speeds and dropped calls.