If you cancel your autopay do you automatically cancel your prepaid plan?


    Good afternoon,


    I got a prepaid account and at the beginning of this month I canceled my autopay.

    I thought that by canceling my autopay I would be canceling my t-mobile plan. I had to do it because I came back to my country, I am already in my country and I decided to check my t-mobile account today and to my surprise I verified that I still have an account with my t-mobile number.


    How is this possible if I canceled my autopay on the phone at the beginning of this month and I explained the representative that the reason why I was canceling  it was that I was coming back to my country?


    Is there a possibility that T-mobile will charge me even if I canceled the autopay in advance? Let's remember this is a prepaid service.


    Thank you!

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, camili! Since you pay in advance on prepaid; your line might still have some credit from the previous payment you made -- that said, I would recommend in this instance that taking extra precaution is key. Please Contact Us so that a team with account access can double check and confirm that your AutoPay is canceled! I know you're currently outside of the country, but you can still reach out to our international Care team using the link above, or contact our T-Force team via Twitter or Facebook -- in those channels we have secure platforms to verify your account and can take a look for you!