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    I have a question.


    A few months ago, I saw a article, and I don't remember where it was from, that said T-Mobiles newer SIM cards would allow better bandwidth/more features compared to the older ones. Mine is currently from 2016, and I am wondering if this is true.



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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Question About New SIM Cards

        A 2 year old SIM card should be find but if you are ever upgrading your phone, we send out a brand new SIM card with it so you can update. As far as additional bandwidth and more features, the latest model of SIM card we released was in 2015 which was a Trio SIM. This SIM card retained all the capabilities of the 2013 SIM card including GBA and LTE capabilities and was a single SIM card that could fit any device via pop out tabs.