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    I had terrible experiences with calling the customer service.  I didn't received my promotion since 2 months. In order to inquire about that I had to repeatedly to explain this issue to different  people who work at T Mobile customer service for days...... Just today, I have talked to several people at T-Mobile customer service and they're keep om changing what they told earlier.  Someone said its denied and someone said its under process. This was not the first time since 2 months they're telling me the same thing. What the hell is this T-mobile. Do you want to me to continue to stay with you or not. I want my promo card with in 3 days or else I will leave Tmobile. Even your carrier service also not that great nor the support why I need to stay.

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      • tmo_marissa

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        magenta3508791, I don't blame you one bit for the frustration you're expressing. Although I do know some promotions take two bill cycles to appear; the lack of consistency it sounds like you're receiving when you call us to check on your promotion status is a big ball drop on our part, and I don't blame you for being disappointed.

        We want you to have clear answers and expectations when you reach out for assistance. Can you please reach out to our T-Force team on Twitter (via DM) or Facebook (via Message)? In those channels we have a secure platform to verify your account and can take a look. This Get the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ and save up to $360 with trade-in  promo was a little different than others because unless you purchased from Costco, you wouldn't have used the promotional site to submit for it -- which also means that you're not able to use the promo site to check on it. Please give our teams another shot at getting to the bottom of this!