LG K7 vs LG K20 emojis???


    I'm looking for why I got the lg k7 like 5 years ago but yet it has more updated (newer/better looking) emojis than the k20 i just got last july. I'm only just now using it because my k7 dropped and cracked but I guess this phone is just trash that way considering even after downloading an emoji keyboard from the google play store it still displays these wack old 1970s looking emoji versions and not only that but in apps like facebook and instagram it displays everyone's comments with these garbage emoji versions too. Can anyone tell me what software fix to use or honestly just why the k20 isn't installed with the newer emojis and if there's anything I can do about it? It's bad enough I'm stuck with this utilitarian looking default keyboard in the first place as the k7 offered a much cuter "bubble" keyboard theme but seriously I hate these emojis. Please help!

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