No data w/roaming partner


    My husband and I live in Florida but frequently travel to Pennsylvania. While in Florida we never have any issues receiving data. I have the Samsung Galaxy S8 and he has the Note 8. The roaming partner used is Indigo Wireless. While connected to indigo we both had full service, could make phone calls and text with no issues. There was no data on either phone while connected to indigo. To receive data while on indigo tech support would have to cancel our locations, we then would have to reset the network settings, and restart the phone. At this point we would have full 4gLTE data. The data would continue to work fine until we would travel to a different location at which time I can only suspect we would change towers. Again we would be without data. Even if we returned to the location where we previously had data after canceling the location it would no longer work.  The canceling of location worked numerous times until that no longer worked. I would also find us in the area of a T-Mobile tower but still connected to indigo. We then would have to manually connect to T-Mobile and would not have data until the phones were restarted.  T-Mobile suggested new SIM cards and a factory reset and neither solved the problem.  Please help find a solution for a seamless data connection.

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