Voicemails not showing up until days after they were left


    I'm fuming. I'm paying money for a service that is not giving me missed call notifications, not giving me voicemail notifications, and does not even have voicemails arrive in my inbox until days after they were left (which I can only find out by checking manually!).


    From what I've seen this is a long term issue with you guys too. Congrats on the great service. I didn't want that interview anyways.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, cholmes87!


        Welcome to our Support Community! It sounds like the delayed voicemails have cost you some business or even a job which isn't good at all. Let's see if we can figure out what's going on.


        • When did this start?
        • What type of phone are you using?
        • Have you talked to Tech Support about this yet? If so, what was the outcome?
        • Are all voicemails delayed or does this happen sporadically?
        • If you turn off WiFi, do you notice an improvement in the voicemail delivery time?
          • dinodoll

            Hello Amanda and Team,


            I am piggy-backing on the OP's question b/c I have the same problem.


            1.     When did this start? A few weeks ago after I flew from LA (Pacific time zone) to Detroit (Eastern time zone). Also, the problem continued after I returned to Los Angeles.


            2. Alcatel GO FLIP


            3. Did not talk to Tech Support yet. Wanted to try this site first.


            4. All voicemails are delayed. Time varies between 16 - 24 hours.


            5. How do I turn off WiFi?


            Thank you in advance for your help.

          • tmo_mike_c

            Hi there!


            Amanda asked some great questions that'll help us get this figured out for you. Can you give us a reply back and let us know the answers? Thanks!

            • magenta5110597

              I am having the same issue with my new Galaxy S-9

              • tmo_mike_c

                Hey there!


                Just checking in to make sure this was resolved. Please let us know if you need more help.

                • tmo_chris

                  Just checking in one last time.

                    • magenta5145979

                      Hello, yes, I'm still having issues with not receiving voicemails. I have

                      an iPhone 6 and I've had this issue for as long as I've had the phone.


                      These are the issues that I've experienced:

                      - some one says they left me a message, but I never get it.

                      - someone leaves me a message, but I don't get it for sometimes DAYS after

                      - my phone indicates I have a message, but when I go to try to listen to

                      it, it says the voicemail is "0:00" minutes long, and it's grayed out so I

                      can't listen to anything.


                      I would love to fix this issues.


                      Amy Shoup

                    • tmo_amanda

                      cholmes87 and magenta5110597!


                      If you're still having issues with delayed voicemails, please reply back with answers to the questions I originally asked a few weeks ago. In the meantime, we're going to mark this post as assumed answered because we haven't heard back.

                      • cholmes87
                        • When did this start?

                        Since the beginning of service.

                        • What type of phone are you using?

                        iPhone 6.

                        • Have you talked to Tech Support about this yet? If so, what was the outcome?


                        • Are all voicemails delayed or does this happen sporadically?

                        This happens every time I receive a call when I am not connected to the T-Mobile network. Sometimes it is delayed for a matter of hours, other times it is delayed upwards of a week. Missed calls are another thing entirely -- I never get the notifications.

                        • If you turn off WiFi, do you notice an improvement in the voicemail delivery time?

                        No difference. This has not changed since my original post.

                          • burnspot

                            I just experienced this, for the first time that I'm aware of, today. Looked at my phone earlier, nothing; looked at it a few minutes later, 12 missed calls/voicemails. Some of the voicemails were from last week and ones that I had expected (Dr office), the rest were fake IRS calls, like usual, lol.




                            • When did this start?
                              • Today, as far as I know.


                            • What type of phone are you using?
                              • iPhone 6


                            • Have you talked to Tech Support about this yet? If so, what was the outcome?
                              • No.


                            • Are all voicemails delayed or does this happen sporadically?
                              • I had no idea this was a thing until today.


                            • If you turn off WiFi, do you notice an improvement in the voicemail delivery time?
                              • Considering my normal low volume of non-spam calls, I'm not sure how I'd notice as I don't typically expect calls except in a few situations.


                            I remember having a similar problem years ago, when I was with AT&T.

                              • tbspell@verizon.net

                                I first encountered this three or four weeks ago, and T-Mobile support was worse than useless: it was infuriating.


                                It took me about a week to realize the problem was occurring, but after more than one person told me they had left a message I didn't know about, I realized that I wasn't getting notifications. I called T-Mobile support, and found out that you can access your voice mail by pressing and holding the "1" key on the keypad, and sure enough, I had multiple voice mail messages I hadn't realized were waiting for me. Anyway, T-Mobile support said that they'd look into it, so I expected that it would be fixed in a day or two.


                                A few days later, I realized that I still hadn't heard anything, and confirmed (by calling myself from a different phone / number) that the problem hadn't been fixed. I called T-Mobile support again, and was informed that they had looked into it, determined that everything was working fine, and had CLOSED THE TICKET WITHOUT CONTACTING ME. So not only was the problem still there, but they weren't spending any more time trying to fix it and hadn't told me that they weren't. Once again, they said they'd look into it, and few days later the exact same pattern was repeated: after nothing had changed, I called back and was told that they had closed the ticket and weren't investigating it any more, but would open a (now third) ticket for this same problem. As you can imagine, by now I was getting pretty ticked off at having to call back repeatedly and with them closing tickets associated with unresolved problems and not even notifying me they had been closed.


                                About a week ago, I called yet again, and this time was put on hold for a long time. Eventually I had to leave my desk for a meeting, so I just hung up and figured I'd have to live with the problem since T-Mobile was either unwilling or unable to fix it. Yesterday, though, I noticed that I had actually received a voice mail notification, so apparently the problem did go away. Given my experiences with T-Mobile support and the timeline, I suspect that it's likely that the problem going away was more incidental than a result of my calls, though.


                                This was my first time to contact T-Mobile support with an actual problem and it was a horrible experience. Other than what I've described here, I've had no trouble with the service in the years I've been with T-Mobile, but at this point I don't think it would take much for me to make me abandon this company for one of its competitors and hope that their support is at least a little better.

                            • gregcoben

                              This is NOT an isolated problem, as the same thing has been happening to me.  People leaving voice messages, and NO voicemail notifications being provided.

                              • thundertiger

                                I have to say this has been happening to me as well.   I am not receiving voicemail notifications on my SG8 Active.   A call will goto voicemail and I won't see notifications. If I open the tmobile voicemail app and let it sync then I will see they left a voicemail

                                • skippy204

                                  I am beyond frustrated right now. This has been happening to me with every single call that leaves me a voicemail since moving to  iPhone Xs. I just got a voicemail today from Saturday and last week I got three voicemails from September. What do we need to do to get this remedied?

                                  • magenta6656133

                                    Same issue here... First time was about a week ago, and I figured it was just a glitch. Since then, some voicemail messages have come in as soon as they were left, then others come in much later. Today one came in that was left for me a week ago!


                                    T-Mobile... Fix this NOW or I'll take all 5 of my phones to Verizon tomorrow.

                                    • laura111

                                      I'm having the exact same issues....voicemail is left, and when I check my voicemail...no messages available. This is a huge issue T-mobile, fix it!

                                      • dmonnie

                                        I just now received 8 voicemails all at once that had been left for me over the past 11 days.  Not good. 

                                        • mrrob

                                          Same issues with my two phones. It is very random and delayed by several days.

                                          • magenta6690355

                                            I have been receiving voicemail messages without notification for about 2 weeks. I went to the T Mobile store after tech support could not help me. Was on the phone for about an hour with lengthy holds only to have them tell me they would call back in a day. The call never came so off to the local T Mobile Store. The guy there spent 20 mins working on it and pronounced it an Apple issue. Called Apple tech support who got a three way call with T Mobile. The result was both company reps were going to get back to me in 24 hours. Guess what didn't happen.


                                            Meanwhile I'm forced to randomly check my voicemail throughout the day. I'm a physician and have missed two calls that were potentially bad but ended up ok. I hate to consider going to another carrier but from what I'm seeing T Mobile is unable or unwilling to fix this problem. Frustrating. 

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                                            • gregcoben

                                              After visiting two T-Mobile stores with one of them connecting me with T-Mobile tech support, I FINALLY got some help.  Not sure what they did, but tech support was able to send a voice message to my phone, and the voicemail notification popup showed up on my screen for the first time in I don't know how long.  The fix included clearing the phone cache, resetting some settings, disabling wifi calling.  I was able to get help after some yelling and screaming at T-Mobile, and letting them know that I'm not the only one with this problem (thanks to this community forum).  The only thing they couldn't fix was the disappearance of the voicemail log and icon on the phone page, so for that they transferred me to Lenovo (I have Motorola Moto e4).  That did nothing, as it appears that either a software or security update eliminated that feature.   At least the voicemail notification is working again.  For now.

                                              • wolfievtec

                                                I switched from AT&T because of the visual voicemail delays on their service. I switched to T-Mobile and everything was working great until a few months ago. It happens almost everyday now. I never know if I have a voicemail unless I manually call in. It happens on my iPhone X and my wife’s iPhone 7. I’m beyond frustrated....

                                                  • thundertiger

                                                    I agree that something has happened recently.  I don't know when it started as I didnt pay attention.


                                                    I like to keep my data turned off on my phone and only turn it on when I want to use it (S8 Active with most current firmware update).   Voicemails used to give an indicator in the status bar when there was one.  I would open up visual voicemail and let it sync and listen to the voicemails that way.  Now these days I don't get that indicator in the status bar.  I have to open up visual voicemail and let it sync to see if someone left a voicemail.


                                                    I did an experiment today...  I went into the settings in visual voicemail and disabled it. At this point data is required to be turned on for it to contact Tmobiles servers.  It tells you that you will need to call into your voicemail to listen to anything now.


                                                    After I disabled the visual voicemail I turned my data back off and restarted my phone just to make sure I was working from a blank slate.   Once my phone was restarted I called it from another phone and let it goto voicemail and left a message.   After that I got the standard voicemail indicator in the status bar!


                                                    So I turned data back on and went into visual voicemail to reenable it.  It retrieved the voicemail.  I thought this fixed it...  but it did NOT.


                                                    Upon turning data back off (with visual voicemail reenabled) I left another voicemail.   I did NOT receive any indicator that I had a voicemail.   Turned data back on and synced Visual Voicemail and it retrieved the voicemail just fine.    Leaving data ON I left another voicemail and I received a different voicemail indicator.  This was a Visual Voicemail specific indicator.


                                                    So I tried this experiment several times of disabling visual voicemail and leaving voicemails and got the old indicator every time.  Reanabling visual voicemail with data ON gives me this newer visual voicemail indicator.   But if data is OFF then you never get a voicemail indicator.


                                                    It never used to do this!   I could have visual voicemail enabled but data off and get that old voicemail indicator..  Tmobile has updated something in the voicemail system...

                                                  • wolfievtec

                                                    I just got off the phone with T-Mobile tech support. The rep told me that my visual voicemail feature was turned off on my account and she would "re-activate" it. I know it wasn't off because some voicemails would show up... anyway, I will see if whatever she did actually helps anything over the next day or so and report back...

                                                    • rmjorg

                                                      I’m having this problem too. People leave me voicemails and I’m not getting notified until days later. I can’t find anything in their FAQs.

                                                      • cwmst22

                                                        Having the same issue as well and feel it's been happening for a long time (since moving to TMobile from AT&T a few years ago).


                                                        Have never cared enough to worry about it until recently as I've moved back home to take care of my aging father.


                                                        JUST had it happen again which prompted me to finally search for a solution and directed me to this thread.


                                                        Got a VM notification at 6:48PM Saturday 11/10 for a VM left at 1:42PM Thursday 11/8. More than 2 days later.


                                                        Has anybody found any solution as of yet?



                                                        • magenta6773003

                                                          Interesting to know that I'm not the only one with this issue. Not only is it my voicemails, its also text messages. Doesn't seem as if T-mobile is taking this seriously and I have yet to see a resolution posted.

                                                          • mrs.strzala@gmail.com

                                                            I’m also having the same issue with my iPhone 7. I’ve contact T-mobile and they reset my network which didn’t help. I’ve reset a bunch of settings and turned off WiFi - still nothing. I might have to cancel T-Mobile if this doesn’t get fixed soon considering I’m missing important voicemails.

                                                            • pilmens

                                                              I’ve been having the same Voicemail problems since 10/12/18, called T-Mobile millions of times, they seemed to ’fix’ it, but a few days later these problems had begun again..

                                                              The biggest problem for T-Mobile is that they continue charging for all the services that are not working, without giving people any explanations, and not fixing the probblems; people are missing very important calls, - all of these will result in a class action, just a matter of time.

                                                              • magenta1377112

                                                                had this problem on an iPhone 6S.

                                                                Support suggested I reboot the phone.



                                                                10 voicemails showed up spanning the past week.

                                                                I called myself from the landline and got a VM notification within 5 seconds of hanging up the landline


                                                                I plan to reboot my phone at least once a week from now on.

                                                                • magenta6806745

                                                                  I am surprised that no one from T-Mobile is monitoring or responding to this issue. I have been facing this issue for at least a year and no fix yet.

                                                                  • tmo_amanda

                                                                    Hey, Everyone!


                                                                    We're still around and I'm sorry it has been silent for a bit. We're tracking a few voicemail issues that are currently going on and working to get to the bottom of them. From reading through all of the replies on this thread, the voicemail issues seem to primarily be happening on iOS device with a few Android issues here and there. For those having delayed voicemail issues, are you using DIGITS?

                                                                    • rmjorg

                                                                      Not using DIGITS (whatever that is), but having delayed voicemails.

                                                                      • mwise4u

                                                                        I too have the same issue. Voicemails coming in delayed, typically the next day with visual voicemail. I have an iPhone 6+ and a second line with a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime happens on both lines, both phones. How is this then a user side problem? Based on all the other comments on here, different phones, different accounts, different lines, it's obviously not related to the user. Thech Support should already be aware of and working on this, their internal problem. It been happening to me for over 8 months. Hasn't been critical until recently. Get tired of Tech Support trying to blame the problem on me. They should be monitoring this feed and just actually find out what the problem is and fix it already. Unless of course they don't want to because it's a new way to throttle bandwidth, or some other issue to make them more $$, or save $$ by not doing what it takes to fix it. Come on guys fix this, it's a super well known issue!

                                                                        • gopalsashank

                                                                          I am having same issues on iPhone SE. Contacted customer care and was told to reset network settings.. Still same issues..

                                                                          • musicismagic

                                                                            This is happening to me as well! I've been job hunting for a month, and a bunch of voicemails popped up this morning from places I've sent my resume. They left messages almost a week ago asking to schedule an interview and I'm just now hearing them! WHAT IS HAPPENING AND WHY HAS IT NOT BEEN FIXED???

                                                                            • magenta6817147

                                                                              2 phones on our account are having this same issue: iPhone 7 & iPhone XS.


                                                                              It can take days to appear and I usually discover I have several missed voicemails.

                                                                              • magenta6806745

                                                                                Turn Off Wifi Calling and see if it solves the issue. I did that and I received my first voicemail right away, without any delay. So far I have received only one voicemail... so it is not 100% tested... but a good start.


                                                                                I have iPhone 7+ and the changes are in Settings->Phone->Wifi Calling

                                                                                • gregcoben

                                                                                  All right, T-Mobile, this is getting ridiculous!  Physicians not getting messages from patients.  Job-seekers not getting messages from potential employers.  You are setting yourself up for a class action suit, big time.  You need to figure this out, and fast!

                                                                                  • magenta6828002

                                                                                    Adding myself and my wife to this list. Often voicemails don't show when they are left, but in a batch of 3 or 4 messages a few days later. Other times there is no delay. I am on an iPhone X, and I do have DIGITS.

                                                                                    • magenta6831698

                                                                                      Having the same trouble with iPhone 8 Plus- 4 of them to be ex’s t on my account. 

                                                                                      Noticed for the first time a little over a month ago, didn’t really expect much of it. Happened again yesterday and to another phone on my account. 

                                                                                      Chatted with a tech through the app- they did a system reset- it didn’t work.

                                                                                      Today the voicemail thing happened again- and I still haven’t even received the delayed voicemails. Called for tech support. Ran through a bunch of troubleshooting- the rep called and left a couple messages. Nothing was working.  She finally said she was going to issue a ticket- come to find it- it’s already a reported issue and “they’re working on a resolution”.  She told me to download the T-Mobile visual voicemail app. I questioned this and explained I had an iPhone 8 and visual voicemail is automated. She said no check the App Store.  after hanging up and trying the App Store- there’s no app. Back to chat- they confirmed this is on an Android phone.

                                                                                      I voiced my being displeased with all of this- especially if it’s a known problem- why aren’t all T-Mobile customers being made aware so as not to miss any important voicemails.

                                                                                      This tech decides to try removing the voicemail feature from all our phones- then reinstalling.  He also never mentioned that I would nees to reset the voicemail setup until I asked a question about not being able to set up voicemail on one of the phones. 

                                                                                      I see many are having this issue. 

                                                                                      What is DIGITS you are referring to?


                                                                                      and T-Mobile I’d like to know how long you’ve know about this, when you plan on making ALL of your customers aware, and when you anticipate a fix for this issue.  I have to be honest- I switched from ATT a And WAS happy with my service. There is NO excuse for not notifying customers of a potential issue and this needs to be fixed soon. 

                                                                                      • magenta6773003

                                                                                        Following resolutions that I see other individuals have received via tech support and nothing. Also having this issue for months and thought it was something that would be handled by now. Likely to just switch service providers. Happening with other individuals I know who have T-mobile and it's not just voicemails, it's also text messaging. No I don't have DIGITS.

                                                                                        • utah60217663

                                                                                          Same problem here- this has now happened to me on two occasions. Last month I suddenly got a batch of 4 voicemails that had been left over the previous two weeks. And just yesterday, a batch of 3 showed up, one voicemail was from almost two weeks ago. This would normally have just been an annoyance, but one of the voicemails was from my midwife with specific instructions about a prenatal screening test I was to take the next morning. Not having the voicemail (or the instructions), the timing of the test was thrown off and invalidated the whole test. Thanks, TMobile.

                                                                                          • tmo_mike_c

                                                                                            Thank you for posting everyone. Sound like for the post part, folks aren't using the DIGITS. We have a ticket for this specific issue with engineering already, that's why we ask. The only other issue could be the message waiting indicator (MWI) not showing up even though callers are able to leave a voicemail. The only way to test that is to do it in real time. For example, have someone call, leave a voicemail, then calling the voicemail shortly after to see if it's been deposited. This could take a few minutes with decent bars of signal, but not much longer. If the voicemail hasn't show up after calling, we'd need folks to Contact Us and have our Team of Experts (TEx) or T-Force files file and send up a Trouble Ticket for our network engineers to work on.

                                                                                              • magenta6831698

                                                                                                I downloadss DIGITS and I have to say I’m not a fan.

                                                                                                I cannot believe that this voicemail issue

                                                                                                1- had not been communicated to all iPhone users on the network

                                                                                                2- is this hard to fix


                                                                                                are you suggesting each time we experience a voicemail issue to call in so a ticket can be issued?


                                                                                                i had already called and went through troubleshooting.  As soon as a ticket went in to be issued, the rep realized it was already a known issue and pretty much hurried me off by telling me to download T-Mobile visual voicemail- which isn’t even available for iPhones. 


                                                                                                I would still like to know how long this issue has been known, why people werent notified, and approximately how long until a fix?

                                                                                                  • mwise4u

                                                                                                    T-Mobile Visual Voicemail is not the solution! Downloading and installing it will not fix the problem. I have it on my Android Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, and have the same next day delay issues on voice mails. I have an iPhone 6S+ and have the same next day delivery of voice mails without the T-Mobile Visual Voice Mail App. This obviously is a known issue and tech support is just "telling people things" to try and make them happy and get the call completed (for the tech's performance ratings). It's an internal software/server/storage/bandwidth issue?.... I would guess it's just another sneaky way to throttle bandwidth - and as such isn't going to be fixed. Ever notice how yesterday's voice mails and delayed texts will all come through in the morning on the next day? Or, should I say come through when overall network bandwidth usage is lower?

                                                                                                    • tmo_mike_c

                                                                                                      Sorry if I wasn't clear. I'm not suggesting you file a ticket every time for the issue. Just so we're on the same page, engineers are aware of and working on the iPhone's having trouble with getting the MWI/new voicemail messages through the DIGITS app. Mass messages about this issue aren't sent to iPhone users as this isn't effecting everyone. Restarting the phone is a workaround we've seen work for some, but a permanent fix is in the works.


                                                                                                      Just to reiterate, if you're not using DIGITS and having issues with voicemail, it's very important that you Contact Us and have our Tech folks create a ticket for you. Thank you.

                                                                                                  • tashae29

                                                                                                    Hello everyone,


                                                                                                    I too am experiencing this issue on two phone lines, two different states. One Android, one iOS. I received one voicemail about 3 weeks after it was left. A business related vm was left on a Thursday evening and received the following week on like a Tuesday. It's totally unacceptable. Support aka the team of experts have not been helpful with troubleshooting or resolving the issue or any issues for that matter. I called today about the issue, the rep went on to say that I may want to consider upgrading my phones which was somewhat annoying and extremely unhelpful.  Not a DIGITS user. Been with T-Mobile way too long and things are getting worse. Ready to switch providers any day now. 


                                                                                                    Summary after vent:


                                                                                                    • Receiving delayed voicemail messages on two lines.
                                                                                                    • One iPhone, one Android device.
                                                                                                    • No DIGITS
                                                                                                    • Issue began early October (to my knowledge)
                                                                                                    • Most recently occurred within the last week.
                                                                                                    • Level of annoyance from 1 to 5 with 5 being Extremely annoyed - 5
                                                                                                    • kms45797

                                                                                                      Same issue! Wifi Calling is disabled. Sometimes I get a voicemail right away. Most of the time, I get it a few days after. I always see the Missed Call indication. Iphone 6s.

                                                                                                      • magenta6871120

                                                                                                        Had the same issue. Using iPhone 6+.  Receiv 3 voicemails from last Saturday on today. Today is Wednesday. I turned off WiFi calling and rebooted phone. I then had 2 different people leave voicemails as a test. Reciev both voicemails right away. turni off WiFi appears to have fix the issue for now.  We will see.

                                                                                                        • tmo_amanda

                                                                                                          Hey everyone!


                                                                                                          Over the holiday, some progress was made on the issue as we're receiving more reports of issues with voicemail. What we need to determine is if the voicemail is not being deposited to your voicemail box right away (as it should be) or if it's just a delayed notification. This happened to both me and my husband (we both have iPhones) last week and I had a chance to do some testing to narrow down what exactly is happening. It doesn't appear that the actual voicemail is delayed but instead the MWI (message waiting indicator is delayed). Personally, I am seeing a delay of about 3 days.


                                                                                                          Here are the steps I need each of you that are still experiencing this to take:

                                                                                                          1. If you receive a delayed notification of a voicemail being left, take note of the time, date, and phone number the voicemail was left and when you received it.
                                                                                                          2. Contact Us via 611 or T-Force (over Facebook or Twitter)
                                                                                                          3. Have them file a Service Complaint under "MWI: Voicemail notifications (MWI) are delayed
                                                                                                          • magenta6831698

                                                                                                            Still have issues with receiving voicemails and notifications. Just Received notification of a voicemail from 5 days ago.

                                                                                                            very disappointed that there has been no change and also no update on this issue.

                                                                                                            Might have to start shopping around and switching carriers if issue is not resolved soon which is very disappointing as we switched to tmobile less that a year ago due to heating all wonderful things about them. 

                                                                                                            • earthtoandy

                                                                                                              This is a systematic issue. I have the exact issues as those here. I always always receive warnings about having too many devices registered for Wifi calling. This all started around end 4th quarter of 2018.


                                                                                                              this happens to every call. I’m not gonna log when o receive a call and then when o receive voicemails or any other tedious record keeping that will only further the burden of this flaw. from searches, this clearly affects a lot of people, so I expect T-Mobile to have the expertise and resources to fix the issue. This has been going on long enough that I’m considering switching carriers.

                                                                                                              • 8013806178

                                                                                                                I’ve been working with a rep at T-Mobile who has been helpful but 2 weeks later still no resolution with their engineers. I have 11 lines with my business, all having the same issue. I have 2 friends each with 2 lines on their plans and they are having the same issue. I‘m guessing most people live with the issue for the cheap price Tmobile offers and it’s not worth the hassle of going through Tmobile since they don’t even admit there is a problem. Not that tmobile even cares about a small customer like me, but I can’t afford to keep losing business and will be moving my 11 lines if they can’t find a resolution.

                                                                                                                • robocop9932

                                                                                                                  I'm having the same issue, does not notify me of voicemails, what gives?  I missed an employer calling me about a resume I submitted, wow thanks tmobile.