How much will I owe if I only have service for a week?


    I signed up for T-mobile on 5/26 because I thought coverage in my area had improved.  I am disappointed to learn it has not, even though the coverage map said it was good.


    So anyway, I am in my first 14 day period and will be returning my phone and accessories I purchased, I am in the process of porting my number back to straight talk (AT&T Network), once that completes, I will bring my equipment back to the store where I purchased it.


    I assume the will prorate it for the time I have had it.


    Also, they are trying to bill me for the international plan which I specifically told the sales rep I did not want, yet it got put on there, so as of right now, its showing my bill as $75 for the plan, $25 for international and like $13 for equipment, Certainly should not have to pay all that for a week or less of service.  Not to mention the $61 I already paid when I signed up.


    I really do like some of the features of T-mobile, and the LG K30 is a decent phone, but I just cant keep it if the service is not good.




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