Why does SlingTV uses my data with Binge activated?


    I have been using Binge On with Netflix and YouTube on my Vizoo smart TV and on a Samsung Blu-ray player with built in apps streaming from a ZTE MF64 mobile hotspot with the 6gb hotspot plan and it has worked great the majority of the time. So I decided to sign up for SlingTV since it was a decent price and offers nice channel  packages and is on the Binge On list. For prepaying for 2 months of SlingTV I got a free Toku express. I have read many users have successfully used a Roku to stream to their TV with Binge On and it works as long as UPNP is disabled on the hotspot settings. I went into the hotspot setting to check and UPNP is disabled, but when I watch SlingTV it blows through my high speed data. It seems to use way more than it should quickly even if commercials and searching through channels is not counted for Binge On. I have read that maybe there are older models of Rocky that may work and not my newer Roku express. I even set the resolution on the Roku setting and the SlingTV settings to low and it still blows through my data. Does anybody have any suggestions I might try? I don’t really want to buy older models of Roku to experiment.

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      • tmo_chris

        Thanks for taking the time to post to our community! I myself cut cable a few months ago so I have been doing a lot of streaming via apps that my smart TV supports. In your situation, binge on will only work properly when the device you are hot spotting to is an approved device like a computer, laptop, smartphone, or a tablet. Gaming systems and smart TV's may work but it is not supported due to the varying ways that the data traffic is identified on the network when it is being relayed from a smart TV or gaming system.