It is not acceptable that I should have to lose out because of poorly trained staff.


    Hi everyone,


    T-mobile does not seem to have a helpdesk ticket system or support email address, so I am not sure how to send this issue to them.


    I'm going to write as if to T-mobile, and maybe they will read it, or perhaps someone can tell me what I should do to get a satisfactory result.





    I've been a loyal T-Mobile customer since 2010, and as you can imagine in 8 years have spent a LOT of money on multiple line monthly payments and phone purchases. So please take my 8 years of loyalty into account with this issue.


    I'm VERY unhappy as I was misinformed by an undertrained T-mobile representative, and that has negatively affected my life.


    When you guys last ran the BOGO deal for the Samsung S9 a few months ago, I spoke to the agents about getting it. I asked a bunch of questions and was about to say yes to adding the $30 per month to my account as I thought the BOGO was a perfect fit for my needs.


    Then I asked them how long the BOGO would run for, and if it ended, when there would be another one. The reason for this query was that I thought it would be better to reward myself with the deal when I next got a big client... so I'd get two shiny new phones as my reward... giving me extra incentive to get my next client.


    The T-mobile agent CLEARLY told me: "We run hundreds of promotions each year, and we've already done several BOGOS for the Samsung S9, so you would not have to wait long for the next one."


    So I waited 2 weeks, got my next client in... and wanted to get the BOGO to reward myself. The promotion had of course expired, and and so per the agent's instructions... I've checked the website DAILY for over two months now... waiting for the next BOGO. But there has been nothing. And I've reached out to support, and no one knows when or IF there will even be another one.


    I could have gotten the BOGO when it was running, but I trusted the word of a T-mobile representative... and now I realize that I've lost out because of one your agents misrepresenting the frequency / sureness of the BOGO specials on the Samsung S9.


    I feel that as a loyal customer that you guys should still honor that special for me, or offer me something equivalent... like the Veteran discount currently running is equivalent in price, but I'm not a Veteran.


    I would like this issue escalated to management as I am deserving of either the original BOGO deal or the current Veteran one which is equivalent.


    It is not acceptable that I should have to lose out because of poorly trained staff.


    Many thanks for your attention to this issue, and seeing it from my perspective. Your help is appreciated!

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