Have bars but it is unusable most of the time.


    Hi, I exclusively get 700 LTE signal in my room because other bands can't penetrate. Which means, the only option for me to make phone calls is via LTE. However these VoLTE calls are very unstable, It breaks up a lot and the person I'm speaking to can't hear a word I say. Then MMS, I can download but I can't upload, the speed is way too slow. All I can do on my phone is just some texting and that's it.


    Additionally, when I try to make phone calls, it just fails or takes a long time to initiate which is very unlikely for VoLTE. My signal strength is around -110 ~ -120 and this shouldn't be a problem because I get almost identical signal strength on my Sprint phone and it has no problem loading websites, making phone calls, and sending MMS, whether on LTE or 1x.


    Zip code is 94041 and I live on Higdon Ave. Is there any planned network upgrade at all? The congestion is real and it is even affecting phone calls/MMS apart from not being able to use data at all.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, magenta5042099!


        Thanks for joining our Support Community to get more info on why your signal has recently changed. From checking out the area, we just finished their network upgrades about a week or two ago. You should see an improvement in the area vs a downgrade. What type of phone are you using? Would you say this started within the past couple of weeks? Do you know if any other T-Mobile users are experiencing the same thing? Lastly, is only during a specific time of day this generally happens?

          • magenta5042099

            I am using Mate SE and it supports every tmobile bands excrpy 66 and 71.


            It hasn't gotten any better and it still is only usably slow during 1am-6am and other hours, it is unusably slow. Like I said sending a MMS fails most of the time and cant load anything on my browser. I tried MetroPCS sim and it was the same.

              • tmo_mike_c

                I'm seeing some modernization being done on 2 sites in this area. However, there are 3 other sites in the area that should let you connect without any issues. Has this always been an issue in this area? Have you traveled to other locations to see if the issue continues? I'm also curious if you're only having trouble on the 66 and 71 bands.

                  • magenta5042099

                    Hello, Thank you for your reply. Yes, it has always been an issue in this area. in general, the whole Shoreline West area has weak T-mobile reception.


                    Even outside, when I'm just walking on the street I get 1-2 bars and when I'm connected to LTE it is too slow to use or just doesn't load anything. It is not only my phone's problem as I've been running tests with my other phone. There's a supermarket at California Street and Mariposa Avenue and once I go in, I lose all signal. It is not like what your coverage map is telling us as they say I would get an excellent reception here.


                    But in general, other locations, yes I get good reception with T-mo and I'm satisfied. Just whole Shoreline West (residential pretty much) gets bad connection..


                    There are mainly only two towers that I can connect from my room. The cell IDs are 21335557 and 21112325 according to my app. However they are unusable like I mentioned above 1am - 6am, approximately. I cannot browse web, send MMS (upload speed is like Test Fail to 0.01mbps, if I could run a speedtest at all during daytime) and sometimes even the calls are affected by this it seems, it breaks up a lot and the person cannot hear what I'm saying even though I can hear what he is saying, not perfectly still.


                    This area doesn't have any Band 71 and my phone doesn't support Band 66 however it is not a main problem because in my room all I can get is 700mhz and other frequencies can't penetrate anyway so I'm forced to use VoLTE and it is not as stable as legacy calls made through circuit. My phone supports 2/4/12/17 but no 66/71, I think you misunderstood something or I must have written something wrong.