Phone not receiving calls/texts


    Phone: Moto X, 2nd generation (purchased February 2015)


    Over the past couple of months, I have been experiencing problems receiving calls and texts.


    For phone calls, my phone will sometimes not ring or receive an incoming phone call. This occurs at both my home and office (4-5 bars in each location). On the caller's end, he/she will hear 2 rings and then the phone will go to voicemail. My phone will not ring, and I will not receive a notification of a missed call.


    For text messages, there will sometimes be a notable delay between when a message is sent (as registered by the time stamp on the sender's phone) and when my phone receives the message. Again, this occurs at both my home and office. (As an experiment, someone texted me while sitting next to me on my couch at home; the message took 45 minutes to appear on my phone.)


    There is no predicable pattern for the missed calls/delayed messages. I have considered (and rejected): location, time of day, whether I am actively using the phone as someone is trying to contact me (or, alternatively, whether it is asleep), charge level on the phone, whether my phone is connected to WiFi (although I do not have the option of WiFi calling on this device), and the type of phone/carrier that I am being contacted from. My phone is completely up-to-date.


    I suspect that this is a problem on T-Mobile's end rather than mine, but I am open to any suggestions. Needless to say, I am frustrated with this problem, and friends/family are frustrated that they cannot reach me reliably!

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