Network changing to edge when phone call is coming in


    I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 that I bought in Korea and brought it U.S and have been using it on T Mobile for over 6 months now


    99% of the calls coming in are going straight to voicemail without ringing or even giving me a missed call notice after 1 dial tone.


    I don't know what is causing the problem I don't have any blocked, forwarding set up


    I have 3~4 bars in the house and it show LTE sign but as soon as someone calls, my bars drop down to 1 or even 0 and instead of LTE it shows E and after they hang up after few minutes my bar goes back to 4 and LTE shows up again.


    I'm able to make calls but about 50% of time it doesn't make it to dial tone and just hangs up by it self.


    Anybody know a solution to this?

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      • magenta5042099

        Have you enabled VoLTE properly.


        In a lot of markets, T-mobile has only LTE towers maybe, with very few back up (2G 3G) towers. If you don't use VoLTE for calling then that's gonna keep happening.


        It seems like it goes to voicemail because there's no available 2G or 3G signal near by and you didn't turn on VoLTE. Go to settings and look out for the option.

        • gramps28

          I'm pretty sure VoLTE isn't available for non Tmobile phones.

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          • didqudejr3

            Thanks guys for the discussion

            my s8 doesn't not have voLTE on it  so it is not the problem.


            I'm still having this issue. incoming calls going straight to voicemail.

            I't seems like signal going to edge is not a cause of the calls dropping because with mobile data turned off the calls sometimes(less than 5%) comes in


            I went to a T Mobile store they couldn't fix it. They blamed it on Samsung

            I called Samsung US they blamed it on T-Mobile's voicemail service.

            So I called T Mobile tech support to remove voicemail and I still have the same problem.

            I called Samsung US again and now they are telling me to contact Samsung Korea.


            I'm just getting so frustrated with it. sitting here with a $6~700 phone that I only used for 6 months and companies just blaming one another when I'm stuck with a not working phone. I don't care who's fault it is I want to know how I can fix it.