Call Waiting Type Call?


    Under Usage, what does it mean when it lists a call type as Call Waiting? 

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      • mgaston

        Re: Call Waiting Type Call?

        To clarify, the usage statement shows a 33 minute call that is labeled under type as "Call Waiting".  What does that mean?  Was this a call on hold for 33 minutes?  Or maybe a call involved with another call concurrently for 33 minutes?  Please advise.

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: Call Waiting Type Call?

          That's a really good question, mgaston! It's likely due to answering an incoming call while you were already on a call. For example, if you were talking to caller 1 when caller 2 rang in, but you disconnected the original call with caller 1, this would show-up as "call waiting" in your usage.