Ported number months ago, still sends/ receives on two numbers


    My friend brought her Net10 number over to my account on t-mobile. Maybe it was the person in the store who was had been on the job barely a week and left alone in the store while someone else took a freaking lunch break - smart idea - now my problem. They initially entered something incorrect and then we had to wait 24 hours for it to "not go through" before we could try again. So anywho, they gave her new account on my account a number, then they ported the Net10 in a few days later. CONSTANTLY she is missing texts. If I text her old number she doesn't respond, then when i text her tmobile number she gets it and responds right away or vice versa. No shes not ignoring me. I can text her a movie option on one number and grocery items on the other and she will only see or get the one list. She sometimes gets calls the same way as well. We have had this situation since maybe Jan or Feb of 2018. At this point, what the heck is going on and we need some sort of credit on our account and Im not talking $20. 

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