Note 3 Software Update

    I have a Samsung Note 3 that I was using with AT&T. I now use on my T-Mobile account.


    Question is...should I, can I, update the Note 3 using the TM software for it, without causing any issues?

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      • joe1994

        Re: Note 3 Software Update

        Unfortunately the note 3 has been out for nearly five years. The last major soft ware up date was lollipop (Android L) we are now just a few months from Android P. In short all software and security patch services for the note 3 have ended. Usually support is only good for two years. If you want updated software you either going to need to get a new phone or install a costume Rom.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Note 3 Software Update

          Hi there and thanks for posting. joe1994 gave some great info already, I'd just like to add that T-Mobile isn't able to guarantee another carrier's device will get the update. Changing the software on the phone yourself is an option, but not one T-Mobile recommends. Honestly, your best bet is getting a new phone if you're looking to have the latest software.