Your customers can't receive their requested email-to-text from College I work for bec you say we are spam


    I work for a community college.


    Students who need password resets can send in a form and choose if they want email or text response.

    They tell us their phone number & carrier, and we send them their requested information via email-to-text.


    BUT NOT T-MOBILE customers/students. They used to go through just fine.


    Starting in late March or early April, they come back as rejected by Well over 100 by now - my boss started deleting them, so I really don't have a total.


    Your message to couldn't be delivered. suspects your message is spam and rejected it.


    I called support and after being transferred to 4 different people, I was told that it's a setting on the students' phones and nothing could be done.


    Like, oh well, apparently every single student who happens to be a T-Mobile customer changed their settings to reject text messages that they are asking to be sent - and they all did it at the same time.


    None of the AT&T or Verizon or Sprint customers/students did. Just T-Mobile. That's impossible.


    Please, please, please, for the sake of your customers who are students at the college I work for, fix this issue.


    Our emails come from a .edu. We are a legitimate institution trying to help your customers when they ask us for help.

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      • magenta5016371

        If someone from T-Mobile would provide me with an email address, I'd like to forward the bounceback message that we receive every single time we attempt to reply to a student with a T-Mobile account, that would be great.


        I don't want to post it here because of possible privacy risk to your customers and our students.


        The support person who told me that all our students who are T-Mobile customers changed their settings to block us also took down my email address and claimed he would pass it on and that someone would contact me. No one ever did, or else, I wouldn't be posting here, and the problem would have been resolved by now.


        Thanks for your prompt attention to a matter that affects your customers & our students.

        • drnewcomb2

          T-Mobile has some pretty aggressive SPAM filtering on their e-mail -> text service. It causes issues with many institutions like yours.  This forum is full of complaints similar to yours. Unfortunately, it seems like no one is in charge of the spam filter's settings. Assuming you don't get a quick resolution from T-Mobile, here's my suggestion:


          Have every one of your students, who use T-Mobile, call T-Mobile's Customer Service then insist on being connected with Tech Support, then insist on filing a trouble ticket. Record the ticket number and call back every week and ask for an update. If they are told that it has been resolved, when it has not, then insist on reopening the ticket or refiling a new one. It may take some persistence. For a company that claims to listen to their customers, they can be pretty deaf at times.


          Also, if every one of them tweets John Legere about it. They may get action.  They don't like it when customers tweet complaints.


          Hope this helps.