Rapid battery after installing the April Security patch.


    Last Sunday I got the April Security patch on my LG G6. I didn't think much of it. I figured okay great this will take care of any bugs I have, maybe it will boost performance. Tuesday I took my phone off the charger around 4am as I got ready to start my day. It was at 100% by 6am it was in the low 80% range and by 8am it had dropped down 55-58% by 11am I was at 30% by 12pm I was at 15%.

    Wednesday I saw a fully charged battery go from 100% to under 50% in under three hours.

    I charge my phone back too 100% and roughly 5 hours later it was at 11%

    Thursday. My phone would go from 100 to 88% in an hour 88% to 55% in two hours and down into the 20's in 3-3.5 hrs. By the time hour 4 hit I was under 10%.

    Today was no better. I have been charging my phone every two hours.

    I have taken the following steps.

    Lowered the screen brightness to 50%

    Cleared my cache

    Turned off location

    Turned off WiFi calling

    I have my screen time out set to one minute

    The always on display is turned off.

    I checked too see what apps are running in the background and have stopped the ones I don't need.

    I have checked too see what apps are using a lot of battery but nothing stands out.

    Any help or suggestions would be nice

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