Rapid battery after installing the April Security patch.


    Last Sunday I got the April Security patch on my LG G6. I didn't think much of it. I figured okay great this will take care of any bugs I have, maybe it will boost performance. Tuesday I took my phone off the charger around 4am as I got ready to start my day. It was at 100% by 6am it was in the low 80% range and by 8am it had dropped down 55-58% by 11am I was at 30% by 12pm I was at 15%.

    Wednesday I saw a fully charged battery go from 100% to under 50% in under three hours.

    I charge my phone back too 100% and roughly 5 hours later it was at 11%

    Thursday. My phone would go from 100 to 88% in an hour 88% to 55% in two hours and down into the 20's in 3-3.5 hrs. By the time hour 4 hit I was under 10%.

    Today was no better. I have been charging my phone every two hours.

    I have taken the following steps.

    Lowered the screen brightness to 50%

    Cleared my cache

    Turned off location

    Turned off WiFi calling

    I have my screen time out set to one minute

    The always on display is turned off.

    I checked too see what apps are running in the background and have stopped the ones I don't need.

    I have checked too see what apps are using a lot of battery but nothing stands out.

    Any help or suggestions would be nice

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      • tmo_mike_c

        You've covered a lot already with what you've tried. The only other things I can think of are marking sure your Bluetooth and Hotspot are not on when you're not using it. Also, you'll want to completely remove any apps on the phone that you don't use.

        • tmo_marissa

          Hullo! Just wanted to reach back out and see how you're doing. Are you still out of town, or have you returned to home base?

            • joe1994

              Unfortunately I am still away from home it looks like I will be home Monday or Tuesday. Then I will be able to factory reset

                • tmo_amanda

                  That sounds like a plan, joe1994! We look forward to hearing back from you soon.

                    • joe1994

                      I got home charge my phone too 100% battery life and factory set my phone. Two hours later I lost 20% battery life an hour later I am at 75%. In short the factory reset didn't help. Since doing the factory reset my phone has been lagging, I had to restart it. So basically another April security patch ruined another phone. If you have an LG phone from this point on your own your own. I can't not put into words how much I bleeping hate the LG G6. And LG

                        • tmo_amanda

                          Gosh, I'm bummed to read this, joe1994! Thanks a million for the update but let's figure out how we can get your LG G6 working as it should be. Can you do me a favor and charge your phone to 100% and when the battery significantly drops, like mentioned, take a look at what's primarily using your battery by following these steps: go to Settings > Battery & Power saving > Battery usage then send us a screenshot. Lastly, can you confirm the software version that you're running?

                            • joe1994

                              I charged my phone to 100% on Saturday evening around 6pm and 66:30 Sunday afternoon my phone reached the 5% battery life. I was trying to see how long it could last, but I had to plug it in to charge to use Google maps. I am pretty sure in the next thirty minutes to an hour it would have shut off.

                              I took several screen shoots through out the day and I could not pin point one app that was seriously draining the battery

                              My kids even played their games on my phone.

                              I am not getting my hopes up my battery problems have been fixed. I encounter these problems with my nexus 6, weeks on end of battery issues only to have it start working like it was brand new only to have it clunk out several days later.

                              Financially I am not in a position to upgrade but when I do I am seriously considering the oneplus 6 or Honor view10. I will not buy another LG device

                                • tmo_amanda

                                  Let me make sure I'm on the same page -- The phone started with a full charge Saturday and it lasted for a little over 24 hours before it dropped to 5%. Was the phone being used at this point? Is this when the kids were playing games on your phone and you were using it as you normally would? Also, if you look at your battery usage at the end of the day (hopefully before it decides to suddenly power down), what are the top 5 apps that use your battery?


                                  The purpose of software updates is to improve the device not make it less usable. I totally understand not being able to lay down $$ for a new phone right now so I want to try everything possible to get your G6 back in shape.

                                    • joe1994

                                      No the phone wasn't being used when it reached the 5% point. Normally when it shuts down before or right at the 5% battery life point.I think back when I got it it reached 3% battery life before it shut down. On Sunday my daughter and son played their games for several hours. When I checked the battery usage the two biggest things draining the battery were phone idle at 22% and screen at 27%

                                        • tmo_amanda

                                          Thanks for the clarification. I did a bunch of digging around this morning on the web and found a decent amount of threads on other forums stating the same thing with regard to phone idle and the screen. Again, this hasn't been a super popular topic on our side of things but clearly there is an issue. However, a common solution that I'm seeing across these other boards is that disabling location improved battery life tremendously. Is that an option for you or have you already tried going that route? I totally get that disabling the location shouldn't be required but until a new update rolls out, that may be the answer. With regard to the screen, do you have a screensaver enabled on your phone? If so, try turning that off. Lastly, I found some tips to help improve battery life here: Battery life: LG G6 .

                          • tmo_amanda

                            joe1994, just wanted to give you a heads up that a new update is in the works. It's currently Under Development and you can keep an eye on the status of the update here: LG G6: Updated to Android 8.0 . I'm hoping this will solve the battery drain issue. *fingers crossed*

                              • joe1994

                                The biggest drain continues to be the display. Monday I lowered the screen brightness to 50%, turned off location and data and have generic T-Mobile wall paper as my home screen. Monday I got a little over of 16 hrs of battery life. Yesterday I lowered the screen brightness to 40%, made sure to stop apps from running in the background. I have several articles on extending battery life for Android phones and have tried to put them to use with. The G6. Yesterday I barely got 15 hours.  My battery did actually make it to 1% before shutting down.

                                1this is basically a repeat of the April Security patch I received for my Nexus 6. Rapid battery drains for a few days or weeks. Battery life evens out, get a few of solid battery life 22-24 hrs. Then the battery performance starts to decline.

                                Receiving the same text messages over and over even after deleting them numerous times.

                                Recieving texts or emails a week after they are sent to me.

                                Vanishing apps.

                                Yesterday and Saturday I installed two apps one was a kids game I installed it on Saturday and yesterday I installed a news app. On Saturday I gave the phone to my daughter to play the game and she could not find it. I checked and couldn't find it either. According to Google play it was installed. I uninstalled it and reinstall it before it appeared. I had the same issue with the news app..

                                This of course this nothing compare to the apps issues I had with my Nexus 6 When it went full on melt down mode.

                                Another issue I am now having is the power button seems to be going out. Yesterday my screen black out and when I pressed the power button /finger print scanner nothing happened. It took a minute or two for the phone to respond.

                              • joe1994

                                Updated from June's security patch to August security patch. Experiencing rapid battery drain. I would factory reset my phone but I am sick of dealing with these problems. Its not only rapid battery drain. Its also apps crashing or freezing up. There is also the phone screen going from whatever brightness level I have it set and then dropping it down to zero.